Friday, July 22, 2011

5 Things I Learned in Brasil ~ Licao Quatro

Or Lesson #4 ~ Values

22 Million people live in this city. It is a constant hubub of noise and motion and smells.

Down this street lives multiple people. Behind those barred 'garages' are large families. While this all looks like poverty to us as Americans, it actually is not. They are beautiful and well kept homes. But what's more important is what is behind it all.

The value that they place on living life.

These people LIVE LIFE! I'm not just talking about taking a day here and there to spend with family and say we spent the day together. I'm not talking about going on a family vacation for a week chalking that up to quality time. I'm not talking about telling everyone on FaceBook how perfectly happy our family is. I'm not talking being so busy running here, there and yonder so people will think we have it all together.

I'm talking LIVING LIFE to its fullest! Together!

Sunday morning we headed up to the mountains.

I had no clue where we were going. It took about an hour including our stops along the way to pick up food and fruits, etc. After the bumpy ride up there, I got out and was awestruck! These people saw this every day, but me...notsomuch. I just stood there taking it all in. Clicking away happily with my camera. But then, as I rounded the corner to the house I realized something. We were at more family's house. And even though they lived here and saw this every day, they never take it for granted. The people that lived there would walk out...all alone...and just take it all in themselves. Wow. What a lesson!

And then, just like every other day and place we had been each day, they did the things that they love to do best:

Celebrate family! (This is Pastor with his father and grandson.)

Worship God together spontaneously

Eat. Of course...

Talk about anything, everything and nothing.

Enjoy your loved ones...

...both young and old...

Basically...I've never met a people who love being together more than my new Brazilian family.

And while we spent every day off running about from this family's dwelling to that family's dwelling...from this feast that to that feast...from this celebration to that celebration...

The laundry and the dishes waited.

There were memories to be made.

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