Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End ~Bahamas Day 5

And unfortunately, today is that day for us.

We still get most of the day today to spend here before we have to fly home, but still. I will miss all the not paying bills and not fixing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and not stressing about anything in general. I will miss the not paying for a single thing in the 5 days and walking around with my hair all crappy glued to my head and no makeup on and just my swimsuit all day. I will miss the 4 beautiful weddings we have watched take place on this beach and I will miss the endless food and entertainment.

Mostly, I will miss this...

...the zero cares and refreshment of me.

I will miss spending 24x7x5 fully focused on that cute cabana boy I picked up. I will miss laughing at the stuff that only our 13 years could fully appreciate here these last few days. I will miss waking up in the morning and not know exactly what the day would hold but not caring because My Man at my side was going to do it all with me.

But I will hold all of these memories in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. And my kids will have this all archived and my heart detailed since my blogs go to scrapbooks for them every year. (There's my plug for continuing to blog! And as I close these last few days of recapping and realizing that I blog for them mainly, I've never been gladder that I still blog my thoughts and my heart for THEM and then print them to books. Plain and simple.)

One of my most cherished moments of this entire trip came yesterday. I didn't blog about it yesterday because I wanted it here. We had been in the pool for a few hours watching the poolside entertainment. A few of the staff photographers kept trying to get us to pose for some pictures, but we passed. We weren't planning to buy anything from them anyway. But after the entertainment was over (and I had somehow attracted a crowd with just my laugh) Jonathan asked us to take a few. Begged us. Now, he knew we were leaving the next day, so it would be too late for us to see about getting some of these. But for some reason we agreed. He did all sorts of fun poses, but one where My Man was to lift me up out of the water, He did something that had us all laughing so hard.

And Jonathan caught it on camera. We swam up to see the pic and laugh a little more and Jonathan asked us "When was the wedding?" We told him it was 13 years ago and we had been together for 15. He said: "Wow! To look at you guys we all thought you were newlyweds. Way to go!"

Babe...I've loved every moment of these last 5 days with you. I've loved being a newlywed with you. But more importantly than that...I love my life with you.

You and them. Let's go home.

Because THIS....

Is waiting...

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The Proctors said...

Aww...I loved reading about your wonderful trip!! So glad you guys had such a good time! Made me miss my trip all over again! Can't wait to hear about Brazil!