Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Does My Man Call it "Snarffeling?" It's Snorkeling! ~Bahamas Day 4

Warning. I'm writing this blog with my cowboy hat on, sitting under a coconut tree looking out at the crystal green waters of the Caribbean. Please excuse me if I nod off a time or 2...

This morning we sprung up out of bed when we realized how late it was and grabbed some quick breakfast. Why? Because we had a snorkling trip planned for this morning! Now...when we got to the water sports stand and were getting our snorkling gear, they warned us...the waters had high swells and some new snorklers (pick us!) might not wanna go. But we were brave. Ain't no waves gonna get us down!

So...flippers on toe and ugly face smushing masks on, we hit the waves! Very intimidating at first, but once you get acclimated to it...VERY WORTH TIHE EXPERIENCE!

Ok...are we cute or what? I'm thinking "or what"...

I mean...these things are so attractive

I think this is the cutest picture I've ever taken in my life!

The underwater camera didn't do as good as we had hoped, but if you look real close you can see some fishies.


I did feel bad for the husband who hurridly left his new bride on the boat and jumped quickly into the water only to return before she even was able to get off the ship. Why? He was upchucking. Poor guy. Don't leave your woman next time LOL!

After we got back, we literally did nothing. We swam a bit and had some lunch. But then...We pulled up 2 chairs under the coconut tree and just chilled. My Man read his book while I got all my blog posts lined up.

I'm pretty sure blogging will be pretty boring from now on. Boo.

From there we headed to get cleaned up for the Banoonoonoo that is being put on by the Players. Basically it's a Bahamian Lover's Island party on the beach. Sign. Me. UP! It was sure to be another late late night for us, but I don't care! It's worth every minute.

So this place was crazy till 3 am! They had traditional Bahamian fare all-u-can eat (but lemme say if I never see food again it will be too soon), fire dancers and limboing!

But MY favorite part? The dancing! Of course My Man chose to sit those parts out, but I sure didn't.

Yup. That's me. In the blue shirt and brown skirt. At the front of the conga line.

Our fearless dance leaders. There's Kendall! On the left.

WARNING: Objects in mirror ARE closer than they appear!!!

And can I just interject here...dancing is ten times harder in sand. End quote!

From there we spent the evening in the Cricketer's Pub for more dancing, dancing and dancing! Have I mentioned how I wanna be a "player" when I grow up. They have the coolest jobs ever!

Oh wait. No I have the coolest job ever. Mommy! And it allows me some sleep. Nevermind!

But for now...

Good Last Night, from Nassau Bahamas...

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