Friday, July 8, 2011

Nap Like Old People ~Bahamas Day 3

Don't judge me just yet until you find out exactly how THIS nap went down!

We woke up today and skipped breakfast in bed and went straight to breakfast #2. Why? Because we were headed into downtown Nassau today.

A few notes of our trip into downtown Nassau:

#1. It is just as nasty as I imagined it would be.
#2. It is hard to get used to people driving on the wrong side of the car AND road.
#3. The Lady Bahamian preacher woman on the radio in the bus was ONE AWESOME PREACHER WOMAN! Whew! She was fired up! Whew!
#4. Drunk. People. Look. STUPID! Drunk Newlyweds look even stupider...

We bought souvenirs today for the few people that we planned to buy souvenirs for. Now...I've been to Chinatown in New York, so this place didn't bother me. But it FREAKED MY MAN OUT! Walking thru the shoppes, they would literally try and keep you there to buy everything you could. Let's just say, My Man...stayed over by the Edy's Ice Cream parlor while I finished up LOL!

Alison...can't you just see My Man in a Chinatown setting? LOL!!!!

But I promised him a great rest of the day!

We got back and headed out to the Sandals Cay private offshore island.

There they have an AWESOME seafood restaurant called "Cafe Goombay" where the food was amazing! They had beaches and pools and more gorgeous scenery.

This is looking from the restaurant BACK to the Sandals resort.


But My Man and I? After lunch? We headed to the most private offshore cabana we could find. We unloaded all of our stuff. Stripped down to our swimsuits.


Now...don't let all the cellulite blind you, but I couldn't resist capturing exactly the complete happiness I felt...

I mean...look at this! This was the other side of the island...

Yes, we did. The breeze was like a turbo fan and the sound of the waves in the middle of the wooded area was like we settled in and slept! Paradise, I tell ya! P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E!!!

And lemme set up camp for a minute on the weather here. It's stayed about average around 80 degrees all day and even into the late late night festivities. However, I can proudly say that for the most part, neither of us have even sweated! Sure, the bus ride over here was a little warm and sweaty, but the rest of the time the amazing breeze coupled with the overcast days has made for some freaking unbelievable weather! There have been a few afternoon heat showers, but we have somehow managed to be inside during these. And instead of making it more muggy, it just makes it more amazing!

When we got back, we got dressed up for our complimentary photo shoot. I'm not so sure this guy was ready for us :-) I'm telling you...we had him rolling and he had us doing the same! We were dancing and singing with him and doing the goofiest and stupidest pics. But it was so us! And for the canned "lovey dovey" pictures he was trying for...we kept BUSTING UP LAUGHING! I mean, I'm sure newlyweds adore that kind of crap, but we were rolling! We posed and yes...I bought some of them, but it was hilarious! What was even funnier, was the kissy-kissy-kissy pictures. Our photographer kept calling me "Sexy" and My Man..."David Cop-a-Feel". Because trust me...that man o' mine was copping some feels! You would think he was a newlywed himself! But we got some amazing shots out of our package! Here was just a few of my favorites...

After a yummy dinner reservation at Kimono's Japanese Restaurant...

...we headed out for the 4th of July celebration on the beach! Now...when we sat down in the sand, My Man says something along the lines of the fact that he bets the fireworks won't be that spectacular. WRONG! These Bahamian folks know how to bring in the 4th of July RIGHT!!!! It was NON STOP off that boat and shook me to the core! Check out a few of these pics! kiddoes! They have been doing great! We talk to them via HeyTell and Skype every day. They are having a blast with their MiMi (my mom) but they crack me up with every HeyTell that I get. It usually starts with My Boy saying "Hey Mom and Dad. YOU'RE THE BEST! Because you always take care of us. Don't forget to bring us a toy from New York. Ooops...the Baaahhhhaaammmasss!" And then My Girl usually wraps it with "Hey Mommy and Daddy. We love you. Be safe."

I can't wait to hug their necks!

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