Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Sure Hope I Didn't Embarrass Him...~Bahamas Day 2

Actually...I'm pretty sure he was kind of proud of me :-)

On Saturday...after waking up and having some yummy breakfast in bed, we did the only natural thing.

We headed out for Breakfast #2. Don't Judge! It was totally worth it! I mean...when the food is and #2...absolutely AMAZING, why turn any of it down?

Let me tell you why. Because when you have breakfast #2 and then head out to swim in the beautiful Caribbean gotta be careful not to upchuck it up. I didn't , but man...I was regretting one of those 2 breakfasts for about 5 mins.

From there, we got suited up and hit the beauty of the resort again! It's just way too much to take in all at one time. See for yourself!

Me ALWAYS with my cowboy hats. My "Player", Kendall kept waiting to see which one was going to make its appearance next!

My date sure was cute!

From there we did what any set of parents would do who are now away by themselves.

We took a nap.

Don't judge. It. Was. Amazing!

The air in our room was freezing. There were no cartoons on (actually I don't think the TV came on the whole time), no kids asking for anything, and did I mention we could sleep all we want? So...we napped. YES we are in the Bahamas and we napped. But we wanted to. So we did. And it was great!

After nap we hit up Ristorante Cassanova. Oh. Holy. Cow! I about died and wanted to throw up when I left I had stuffed myself so full of scrumptiousness! These Bahamians sure know how to cook and make this fat red-head one happy chick. Then it was time for some romantico couples dancing, but then we headed to my favorite part so far.


Now...let me take a minute to talk about :The Players"...aka The Entertainment Staff. In my next life, this is what I want to do! They literally work until about 3 am making sure that if you want to be entertained, you ARE! Now...we discovered real quick that there are 2 sides to this resort. There's the party pool/side and there's the relaxation pool/side. There are different times when each side is needed. But I wanna be "A Player" when I grow up!

Wait...that sounds horrible. Must be too much sun coming thru the shade tree I'm blogging under :-)

But meet our favorite of the entertainment staff...Kendall!

(Note...I'm fully aware of his teeth. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about teeth. But I still LOVE HIM!)

I wanted to wrap him up and bring him home for a friend...

At first, I was just planning to sing one song. I mean...this theater was PACKED with people and I knew I was gonna suck. I mean, seriously. But I got up and did it. "Black Velvet" by Alanna Myles. You see...this song has extreme sentiment to me. When me and my college roommate were in our1st year together, she was in the lobby. 3 FLOORS DOWN!!!! I was in the shower singing said karaoke song. AND SHE HEARD ME! She smooth busted up in there and busted my patootie out on my strong vocal prowess. So it was only fitting that I sing that song in her honor.

Now. Yes, I do have this on video. My Man videoed the entire thing. However, IT. WAS. AWFUL! So it shall not be posted here. I will share it with said roommate, but that's about it. However, shortly after the hostess approached me to come and sing a song with the DJ. I didn't know the tune he was asking about so she returned again. He wanted to sing IT. THE best party song ever.

"Summer Nights" by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.


About 30 mins later, I was hit up again. To sing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey with the hostess and DJ.

I sure hope I didn't embarrass My Date, but I'm pretty sure...he liked it :-) Well...he decided to stick out the rest of the trip with me anyway. We'll stick with that.

Anywho...we spent the rest of the evening out snuggling by the fire and then having more late night swims.

Ahhhh....I don't wanna leave....

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The Proctors said...

I can so see you up there having the best time karaoking! I bet you were awesome! Can't wait to read more!