Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What the Heck is a Junkanoo? ~Bahamas Day 1

We quickly found out EXACTLY what a Junkanoo was on Friday night!

But first, we had to get there. My sweet Daddy obliged to get up at the butt crack o' dawn and take us to the airport. My Girl cried a lot at first, but had calmed down and was excited for us just before we left. That felt better. Plus, I had left them a little gift. Well...5 little gifts actually.

You see...they each had a message or challenge to do each day that got them one day closer to us coming home. I try to do something similar every time I go somewhere.

He dropped us off and after only an hour delay in Charlotte, we arrived at the Bahamas airport.

Now...let me just say...N-A-S-T-Y!!!! Oh my word. I was not expecting that. But after what seemed like 96.9 hours in trying to get thru immigration, we were finally on our way to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort! And after a short 15 minute drive, we arrived at..literally...PARADISE!

Now...lemme back up a little bit for those who think we are rich or something. We. Are. Not! First of all...My Man and I never had a honeymoon. When we married, we were both working at Wal~Mart and they would not let us off for more than a few days for the wedding. So we made the most of our few days off and the monetary gifts we were given. And we planned for this exact trip for our 5 year anniversary. But then...My Girl was just born. Not happening. So we shot for 10 years. My Boy had just been born and we were on our "get out of debt" plan. Not happening.

So, this last Christmas...we just did it. Booked the trip and paid for it all with my bonus. And we went all out to upgrade this and that. It was about time! And let me just has been well worth every stinkin penny!

You see...after just a few hours of this I acknowledged something to My Man. Had we done this when we were first married or newly married, I don't think we could have appreciated this anywhere near as much as we do now. I don't think we COULD have appreciated each other anywhere near as much as we have on this trip. I mean, I have watched all of these newlyweds walking around here...sitting to eat dinner or lounging by the pool and they have NO IDEA who each other is or how hard life together really is. They sit together and say a few words but mostly focus on the food or the drinks. I can say with 100% excitedness...we have focused 100% on each other. After 13 years together and 2 kids under our belts, this is the most absolute best thing we could have ever done for US. We only bought ourselves a picture frame, coffee and a beautiful bracelet from this trip, by My Man said it all. Our biggest souvenir is the memory of just us together.

Ok. So back to the matter at hand. We arrived.

And. Were. SPOILED! You see...this place is designed for romance, romance and more romance. It's a couples ONLY resort. And they make sure and take every opportunity they can to make sure you remember exactly why you fell in love with each other. Not to mention amazing food, food and more food at any of the 9 restaurants any or night! But the first thing we did was get ready...

...and HIT THE BEACH!!!

Sexy man!!!

Now...After a tour of the place we headed to the Cricketer's Pub...a traditional English Pub. Phenomenal dinner! Traditional fish n chips. But during our tour we were invited to the "Junkanoo". What the heck is that, I asked. Come to find out it is a traditional Bahamian Street Party that "we don't wanna miss". And I'm sure glad we didn't!!!! Holy pajamas! It is literally a STREET PARTY!!! They have food booths stocked with traditional Bahamian foods (including conch which yes...I tried) and drinks and street vendors. They have a live band and street dancers complete with guys on stilts doing some amazing salsa dancing!

Here's a few of my favorite photos from it:

From there we headed out for a late night swim. Of course....complete with more food :-)

1 day in...I already can't fit in my clothes. Good thing I rarely ever got out of my swimsuit, huh?

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The Proctors said...

I can't wait to read more!! So glad you guys had a great trip!!