Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We never seem to have enough of it.

Doesn't matter if you work 80 hours a week or are a work-at-home mother.
Doesn't matter if you are single or married with 8 kids.
Doesn't matter if you are 16 or 66.
Doesn't matter if your life is falling apart or if your life is "perfect".

We are always in a hurry. We never have enough time. We are always gonna be late.

I love my life. I really do. Is it perfect? No. But if someone says theirs is, they are lying. I love husband and marriage. Is he or it perfect? No. But if someone says theirs is, they are lying. I love my 2 kids and being a mother. Is it perfect? No. But if someone says theirs is, they are lying.

I also have a full time job on top of that life. I love my job, too. I love getting up, getting a shower, getting dressed, driving into the office, working and socializing with some awesome folks, kicking my jobs TAIL, clocking out at 2:30 and heading home. Depending on whether school is in session or if it is summer, I then start what I call my "afternoon life". It works for my family and works for me mentally. But either way, it's my routine. I love routine. Anyone who knows me knows that it makes me guiddy! I feel comfortable in my routine.

But I catch myself all too often saying "I don't have time." AKA ~ It doesn't fit the routine.

Now, don't go thinking I'm a routine Nazi or anything. Life isn't boring around my house (again, if you know me you know that definitely ain't the case!) BUT, my brain just functions better when I'm ahead of the game...already thought thru what's next...Prepared for anything because I was prepared for everything. But the cost to it is time.

So yesterday, I made plans to break the routine. (Sort of. Well, you'll understand in a minute.)

My kids went and spent the last week with their grandparents down south. The grandparents asked me at the beginning of summer to set aside a full week for them to just spoil em. So last week was it. And while I thoroughly enjoyed My Man and I kicking it for an entire week with no responsibilities, I sure missed those 2 crazy kids.

So, I took off work on Monday.
To spend the day with just them.
To break routine.

I didn't tell them anything we were doing. And some of it I just made up on the way based on where we were and what we were doing. I just told them to get up, eat breakfast and get ready, and off we went!

First stop? Baby Girl's first school. She went there for Kindergarten and 1st Grade and made quite an impression there. We have been back to visit a few times and it pumps her up every single time. Yesterday did not disappoint either!

From there we headed over to their favorite coffee shop that makes some pretty stinkin amazing smooties! They ask for them all the time and I usually say, "we don't have time" or "not today". #1, it's a wee bit out of my way and #2, they are stinkin expensive! But today...they both beamed when we pulled up!

From there we headed to our favorite "off from work/school" lunch spot to meet My Man for lunch. Hollys!!! It is a little joint that is only open from 11-2 on Monday - Friday and it stays packed the entire time. They were so excited that we almost had to go in and eat without Daddy. They weren't too thrilled sitting in the parking lot smelling all that yummy food while we waited for him to show up. Luckily, he finally pulled in and I released the hounds! Mmmmm-mmmm!

Afterwards we hit up our only real time requirement. We headed to the theater to see The Smurfs. Now, we don't do the movies very often. I think it is a HUGE waste of money when they will all be out on RedBox or Netflix soon enough for WAAAAAAAYYYYY less than it costs to frequent the theater. So, that means when we DO head to the theater, it's a treat! It's not something taken for granted at all. And we all really did have the best time! (Plus, my tight wad self was happy b'c we not only got matinee tickets, but had just eaten a big lunch so candy was all we needed!)

After turning Blue, we had about 2 hours left before My Man came home and we could pull out our last surprise for them. And since I knew what it was, we needed some naps up in the place. They were reaching their limit of togetherness. So we headed home and went straight to the beds. Now, My Boy rarely wants to sleep with anyone but himself and in his own bed. But every now and then he'll decide to sleep with someone. Today was not that day, despite my begging and pleading since it would just be me and My Girl in our big ol' bed. But My Girl...she is always about napping with her Momma. It's actually been a tradition since the day I went back to work after having her.

Just as we laid down and she is almost dozing off while I catch up on my texts and such, she grabs my arm. She interlaces her fingers with mine and holds my arm with her other one.

She was a newborn again in my mind.

Finally, My Man was home and we headed off to Wild River Country! They. Were. Stoked!!!

We have season passes, but I mean...we can't go every day. But we got there and My Man and My Boy took off while My Girl and I went the other way. We were just good and wet and laughing and trying not to drown when a huge thunderstorm rolled in. After 10 mins of sitting under the awning, they decided to close the park. I had 2 VERY sad kids on my hands. So what did we do? Danced in the rain! Why not? We were all already soaked, so why not get more and more soaked while doing something we all secretly love to do.

And BONUS! They gave us 4 free tickets to the place! Now their sitters for the last week of school can take them for free. It's a win-win in my book!

So we headed home...soaked to the BONE! We got our showers and busted out the Game of Life until 10:30. They love that game on the iPad and while it is a lot more cumbersome on the living room floor.

But much more fun!

I've never been so happy to run out of time in my life.
It was worth every single minute.

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