Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is This A Soccer Field or A Theater Stage?

Both of my kids have always talked non stop about soccer. My Girl, I've always brushed it off because while she has many amazing talents...much like her mother, athletics is NOT one of them! My Boy, I didn't want to do the "Playful Parenting" thing because we did that with My Girl in gymnastics and most of the time was spent ME getting a workout chasing her. So, this was the year. The year to give it a shot. And while My Girl is really struggling with the intense competition of her age group, they both like it.

So, this past Saturday was our first round of games and thankfully, they were both at our home field.

Look at that determined face! I know that face. I know it ALL TOO WELL!

Go boy! favorite memories of this game will always be this right here! This boy would stop in the middle of a play to blow me kisses or dance or shake his booty and say "Good moonin Good moonin!" but at one point...he told a knock knock joke.

Completely Serious.

And the crowd ate him up.

Which only fueled the insanity!

Back to the game.

All in all, he played 2 very good games!

My it all she has!

Get it, girl!!!

This was her almost scored goal! They played one of THE toughest teams in the league, so all in all, they played a really good game. I was very stinkin uber proud of My Girl for conquering a lot of her fears this day!

I'm proud of you both!

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