Monday, December 5, 2011

It Was Magical

This is a weekend I'm sure the kids will remember, but I had to get it here for the blog to books.

See...My Man and I made plans last month to take the kids to Branson this past weekend. Now...I'm NOT the fan of Branson. At all. I like to go every now and then and see a show or 2 then come home. It's just too much. Not my idea of a good time. But every now and then I like to make the trip. And this weekend was geared toward making the entire weekend about the kids and not us.

AND we kept it all a secret. Even better.

We got there Friday night and headed to The Landing to eat at Joe's Crab Shack. Yum! While we waited to be seated we got to watch the fountains at the center of the Landing do their thing to the lights and music. And obviously, even made time for a family pic.

(Note: All of these pics are horrible quality b'c they were iPhone pics)

The next morning, after a fabulous breakfast, we headed to see the "Amazing Pets" show. I feel horribly sorry for our own dog, Sissy now. She will never measure up. These animals truly were amazing. Some of them were even on the show "Pet Star".

But the funnies part was before the show started. The host was coming around to ask kids to tell their favorite jokes. My Boy was chosen.

Oh, Brother.

He told the stupidest joke that made absolutely no sense. But the best part was when he asked My Boy where he was from and he gave our whole address.

Right down to the zip code.

The fan mail has been pouring in. LOL!

Afterwards we headed upstairs for some GloGolf...

...and Bumper Cars!

A quick change of clothes and it was time to get wet! This hotel is so much fun becuase they have an idoor waterpark. Needless to say...HUGE hit with the kiddos!

Check out that sexy little man chillaxin on the lazy river.

After a brief nap and getting cleaned up, we headed to my FAVORITE restaurant in Branson...Landry's! I needed a small home re-finance to pay the bill, but oh my word is it sooooo delicious!

And my date wasn't half bad neither!

But then, we had the most memorable moments in the few hours that followed dinner.

See, growing up, I was in Branson ALL THE TIME! My grandparents took me to just about every single show there too. But my favorite, was always Kirby Vanburch, the magician. So I thought...hey...this would be great to take my kids to see. It was worth every stinkin penny! They were totally mesmarized by him and his illusions. Especially since most of them included the big tigers and panthers and such.

But during one of his illusions, he needed a kid. And My Boy was obviously not going to stand by and just raise his hand.

So he screamed. LOUDLY!

And Kirby picked him. He was stoked! That is, until he got on stage and saw all of the people. A little intimidating.

Anyway, he did his act with Luke on stage and then started giving him a thousand gift certificates to various things in Branson. Then he gave him a wonderful dog tag with Isaiah 54:17 on it to match Kirby's. He gave him a matchbox car. He gave him a backstage tour of the place to see the Kitties. And then he gave him lifetime tickets to come and see him anytime he wants.

Now that was a class act!

And now...My Boy thinks he is a magician.

My dishes are no longer safe.

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