Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Matters

This Thanksgiving was with my side of the family this year. So my Mom decided that since most of her immediate family and their families would be together, she "needed" family photos. She has a Christmas project in mind.

Oh boy.

So, my camera and I were happy to help.

And as I was editing these particular photos, I just laughed and found myself thinking of things about each one that I am SO thankful for.

That I have a Daddy who never gave up on me and getting me out of my horrible 13 year situation. And even after that, he still put up with my teenage angst.

That I have a step mom who I fondly call "Mommy". That even thru all said teenage angst is one of my very best friends.

That my Grandma took me in at 3 years old as her very own. That she still has 3 of her 4 kids around to love on and be onery to and to play card games with and to laugh our heads off with.

That this little girl...not the littlest one...the other one...didn't die when I babysat her all those years ago. Yes, I finally figured out that she was crying because I was laying her and her soft spot on the corner of the arm chair and it was hurting her. So I stopped immediately. Saved her life. And have had the honor of watching her turn into a beautiful wife and mother of her own.

That I have an Aunt who is only 4 years older than me who loves me dearly! And that I didn't die when she made me eat raw okra just to make her little friends laugh .

Oh, and that she made me a balloon crown for winning the "pagent" we made up. I always knew I was prettier than those other girls.

That God saw fit to give me this.
Despite my upbringing.
Despite my past.
Despite my stupidity.
Despite my selfishness.

Family matters.

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