Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's That Time Again

Every year I look so forward to getting out all of the Christmas decorations and putting it up, much like everyone else does I'm sure. But for me, it also reminds me of being pregnant...about to deliver my son. The sights, the smells, the all brings it back in a rush of memories. And I love it!

But this year, We had to decorate in phases.

Last weekend, My Man got all of the decorations out of the Man Cave and put up the trees while the kids and I took a little road trip for a few days with my friend. But the day we got home, we got started on sorting through what we were going to put up and what we weren't. Then, this weekend while My Man has been gone, I've spent the weekend going from store to store looking for the little finishing touches that I wanted to add this year. I'm not quite done yet, but enough to post the pictures. There won't be much more than this because I don't go all crazy, so enjoy the main parts.

We decided to completely redo our main tree last year. Holy crapola that stuff is rediculously expensive! I would rather contribute to helping 15 families eat meals during the holidays. My word! But I was able to find some pretty yet still woodsy looking stuff to redo our tree with. I figured it goes fabulous with our recent move out to the woods, right? LOL! So, here's the same tree as last year (with my perfect handmade tree skirt that my Mommy made me because I couldn't find anything that would work).

And I am PUMPED that the gifts are already all bought and wrapped and under the woodsy tree! I have NEVER done this before. Ever! But back in October, I found myself all alone and at the store. So, I bought everything for the kids (save their BIG surprise) and the few extended family that we always buy for. Even the stockings are stuffed! But...The funnest part? This year, there are no names on the kids gifts. I know who's is who's, but's funny watching them try to figure it out.

And...since this blog gets put to a book for the kids...I will let the cat out of the bag. KIDS: the gifts were unwrapped and under my bed the whole time. And the time you thought you saw something, I quickly tickled you to distract you. Worked.

This manger scene...might not be the biggest...might not be the best...but it's so very special to me. My mother-in-law made it for me the year My Girl was born. I realized that I didn't have one and mentioned it in front of her. The very next time she came, she had made this for me. And I will cherish it forever.

Here is the kids tree that we put up in the den. It's the "candy Christmas" theme from our old tree. Everything on it is un-breakable. Score! Plus, most of it looks like you could devour it. Even better! And every year, they get to decorate every bit of it themselves. So what if there are bunches of ornamnents clumped together? It's THEIR tree, not mine. And I think it is absolutely perfect!

And yes...that is a whole other set of presents under that tree as well. From none other than...Aunt Becky.

Of course.

this is more of the kids decorations

Here is our work-in-progress front door wreath

This is one of my most cherished Christmas decorations that Becky gave us years ago. I will love it forever!

And here's my work-in-progress front swag. Still has LOTS of work needed, but I just can't bring myself to pay for more than this stuff a little at a time. Sheesh!

I had to slip in some pictures of the kids doing Christmas with Aunt Becky.

They, yet again, were spoiled rotten! But Aunt Becky wouldn't have it any other way.

This is just the beginning of a month of celebrating so many blessings that we have:
Jesus has saved and sealed our entire family
God has blessed us tremendously to be able to bless our family with 'things'
God has given me 2 children who are completely opposite, but both so very kind and thoughful
God has blessed my marriage beyond measure

Just to name a few...

Merry Christmas!

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