Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh Praise The One Who Paid His Debt

And raised this life up from the dead!

My Boy was baptized this past Sunday.

By his daddy.

It was a very special time. I had the honor of watching David Baptize Belle back in 2006 and loved it. I was so thankful that our pastor encouraged David to baptize Luke.

We were all so consumed with the events that I'm thankful that Christal was on hand to take pictures for us. Here are just a few that she has posted.

My Boy getting ready

Our Pastor, Paul Hudson talking about Luke and his life and what baptism really means

Some one-on-one conversation with Daddy.

I love both of these boys so much.

We had so many friends and family get to show up and be a part of this glorious day! There were quite a few that couldn't make it, but I was thankful we were able to get this photo. What a blessing!

There was a spot on here for My Man to sign and for My Boy to sign. As we took it out of it's sleeve to get it where we would sign it, we noticed a very personal message and charge to Luke and over his life written by Paul. Made this Momma tear up for sure.

Therefore go, and make disciples...

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Alison said...

Awesome day and so glad to have been a part of it!