Monday, October 17, 2011

The Photographers Family

I take pics of my kids all the time. But when it comes to actually sitting down and planning out outfits and a location to do my own family, I turn to my favorite photographer, Rebecca Clifft. However, this year she has so much on her plate that she isn't doing anyone's photos. Boo! But I totally understood as I have had to take a sabbatical since about my international summer now coupled with 5 days a week of soccer. But the thing was, I needed some good family pics. So since My Girl's soccer game got moved from Saturday afternoon to Friday night, I saw a window of opportunity and grabbed it.

Not to mention Saturday's weather was probably the most perfect weather anyone could ever ask for.

So we loaded up My Handsome Man's truck with my bench from my bedroom and throw pillows from my bed and headed to my favorite peach orchard. Where I would like to have taken them was thwarted by a wedding, but we still found a pretty lane to start clicking away.

Warning: There are going to be TONS of pictures here (and this isn't even all of them). I'm putting my absolute favs here since I turn these blogs into books for my kids to have.

It's HARD to step away from behind the camera. Like, I see soooooo many things wrong with this photo. Where it should be positioned. How it should zoom. All sorts of things wrong with it.

But the fact that it is a family picture of all of us together makes it RIGHT and that, my friends...trumps all my feelings about it as a photographer.

Oh My Goodness, does this show both of my kids in exactly their personality or what?!?!?

Yeah, again from behind the camera. Jenny Craig should be calling soon. However, we had the MOST fun taking the 50 thousand pics it took to get this ONE and that is a memory none of the 4 of us are soon to forget.

I LOVE "captured moments" more than canned pictures. And this is the exact reason why. Look at all of their eyes...

What's a little pillow fight between siblings?

How in the world did we make such pretty babies?

And here we go again...typical...

Scene stealer

Yup. Her Daddy hates this...very much...

Whew! This girl can steal my breath and stop my heart with this look.

Ok...those of you who know My Girl KNOW this side of her. But you also know that I can RARELY capture this side of her on camera.

I'm so glad I did.


Then on to the entertainment staff

Holy pajamas, Kid! You are almost 6 not almost 16! Knock it off with the swooning eyes...

He didn't listen.

Well, NEVERMIND! I know where he gets it from. Dang these boys in my life and their eyes and accompanying swoon factor.

Yes. Yes. I allowed myself to step away one more time and let My Handsome Husband take my pic. Now, bear in mind this was the only suitable one I could find. He has a tendency to...uh...take pics that a.) show every fat roll I own which is enough to start it's only village or b.) is inappropriate.

But here I was looking at him and those dang eyes so I'll forgive him.

This time.

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