Sunday, October 16, 2011

The New Family Pet...

...that Sissy and I could care less about!

See...the other day I stayed home from work. My Handsome Husband came home at lunch to spend with me and My Girl. He left and I went back to my bedroom when I hear him come back in. He says, "you'll never guess what I just found!" He goes on to explain that he was leaving and saw something big and red moving behind his car. After the typical guessing game he shows me this.

Seriously. A handpainted hermit crab. In my driveway. In the country. Seriously.

So, it hangs out at my house and My Girl names her (we make it a her no matter what since her shell is all girly and all). Hold your hats.



Now, the most interesting part of Hermella's story. We found out where she came from. Turns out Hermella used to be named "Ed Hardy". And she lived 1/4 mile from here. And she got lose while her first owners were cleaning her...uh...his cage.

Back in July!

That is one determined crustacean!!!

So, My Man comes home and he and the kids head to Pet Smart to get a home to keep this little wanderer in. And they come home with this.

Do you see what also made it home with the cage? Two brothers for that stinkin Hermella.

Stubborn Little Boby and Gimp.

Needless to say...Sissy and I are now triple thrilled. She is taking every opportunity she can to remind them SHE was the first and best pet for them.

I just can't stand the creepy crawling little 'I wish I was a real crab'(s).

I feel the same, Sissy Girl. We may both need Vallium to get thru this phase.

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