Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out and Then Ride It's a Small World

The phrase that keeps ringing around my house post-Christmas is, "Now...where are all my weapons?"

Even scarier that it is from My Boy.

This Christmas was a very special one for us. You see, we have always spent Christmas day at our house. Ever since I had Baby Girl. I never wanted them to open their presents and then have to hurry up and leave their toys and such that they are so excited about to hurry off to someones house to eat something and just unwrap more presents. And I get that not all families have the luxury of doing that like I do, but it just works for us.

We are so blessed that every year our families do Christmas together. We don't have to worry about the typical "who did we spend it with last year" or "lets split this and do them here then those there". Our families like to celebrate whenever they can and whatever they can together! And our children are overly blessed because of it. They have no jealousy issues to deal with or anything. But what made this Christmas extra special?


My parents flew my Nanni and Poppi (dad's parents) up here for Christmas. This is 4 generations of what I fondly call "The Crazy" right here. They are 84 years old and obviously not getting any younger. So to be able to spend this time together with them, my family and my inlaws was truly a treasure for my heart.

Well, we kicked things off with the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church followed by some Christmas Eve stocking opening...
Even Sissy Girl opened her presents all by herself!

Then, it was time...Christmas morning!
*Here is a side note for one day when my kids read this. There is a reason we never allowed either of you to make a "Christmas Wish List". We wanted to make sure you were always grateful for everything you got and that we never had to 'go out of our way' to make sure you that 'thing' you wanted and then were disappointed if you didn't get it. That isn't what Christmas is about. No...that isn't what LIFE is about. I am so grateful that every gift you open from anyone at any time is utter and pure excitement from you 2 becuase you weren't expecting anything. I hope you keep that attitude in all areas of life so that when people let you down, you won't be too disappointed because you weren't expecting too much.*

The only picture that was even remotely able to make "the cut" and you can see me with the clicker. Oh well!

Then it was time for our very own "Santa" to hand out gifts

My Girl...this is the epitome of her and she was in LOVE with it!

He FINALLY got his real bow and arrow set. He's been asking forever!

My Man getting some thank you lovin...

My Man's parents got the kids both their own BB Guns. This is in addition to My Girl's pink .22 she got last year and my son's bow he got this year. Now you know why the "weapons" comment tickles me and yet scares me so! LOL.

Among some of the most memorable things for me was the fact that My Girl went to the Christian book store and picked me out a Bible (in orange no doubt!), had it imprinted with my name on it and wrote in the front of it. I will cherish that Bible forever! Also, My Boy picked out a vase from Kirklands for me ALL BY HIMSELF! They said he hunted and hunted until he found the right one. And it matched my living room perfectly! was time for their big present. They unwrapped the box to find this...
A DVD. The video was of me rummaging thru all of the kids stuffed animals in the house. In a panic! See...I had been promising them some big Christmas surprise and now here it was Christmas and I needed to come up with something. In the end, ultimately, I find a little toy underneath them all and get a 'bright idea'. And I pick up a little Mickey Mouse and ask them if they want to go to Disney World.

My Girl...she screamed. My Boy...didn't quite get it. Once she filled him in he was pretty pumped and fake passed out when he realized that meant he gets to fly. On a real plane. In the air.

After cleaning up all of our Christmas, we headed out to my Momma and Daddy's place for more celebrations there. We ate till we almost died and unwrapped more presents! My Boy was PUMPED that they got him a new pair of Justin cowboy boots (with crosses on em) and My Girl got another pair of Toms. Who knew shoes could make you so happy? (Pick me! Pick me!)

Anyway...after dinner it was time for the 'men' to do 'manly things'
(Notice how the grandpas are all leaning away as My Boy attempts to shoot his arrow? Smart!)

How many grown men does it take to help a little boy learn to shoot his gun?

This picture touches me in many many ways. My 84 year old grandfather and his 6 year old great grandson.

Told you this weekend was a treasure!

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