Thursday, January 19, 2012

Defeating Your Fears

My Girl.

She is one of the kindest and most compassionate kids I have ever met. And she's only 9. She is so stinkin smart too. And confident in her knowledge. Not arrogant. There IS a difference. Confident. However, the last few months we have found an area that she is less confident in.


She still makes good grades in Math, but it doesn't come to her fast and naturally like most other subjects. But the biggest part that gets her about Math?

The Timer.

I hated it too! The teacher would hand out the test and we had to keep it turned upside down on our desks. We had to write our names on the back and wait for her to say "GO!" Then flip it over and go as fast as you could, writing as legibly as you could to try and beat that stupid egg timer! I hated it myself.

But My intimidates her. To no end! It started months ago with addition. Lots and lots and lots of problems in 1 minute. She just wasn't able to pass it. So Ms. Roberts sent home a test for us to work with her on. First round out the gate, she could barely get thru the first 3 lines before the timer let out it's shirll.

Tears. Big. Alligator. Tears!

After a very very rough night, we figured out the stress of the timer and made adjusments to make it where by the end of the week, she had passed. She was so proud. And so were we. It was 10 times worse when subraction rolled around. (I really can't blame her there.)

But last week was the worst. She couldn't get past her 3's times tables apparently. Threes...really? A lot of the class was already all the way thru 9's and she was just stumped. Here we go again. Tears to the nth degree! So, thinking that she just didn't know her stuff, we made flash cards. Girl knew her stuff. So then, with the flash cards, I timed her without her knowing. She flew thru it! When I told her, she was PUMPED! And wanted to try it again.


2nd question in (3x2) she froze...freaked...and cried. Seriously. I texted her teacher and we talked about different ways to help her get over this. She worked hard at school all week as well as at home. I walked in the door Friday to a very sad girl. She said it had been a horrible day. That she stubbed her toe and that so-and-so was ugly to some other kid and she felt sorry for them and that this and that that. "But also...I didn't pass my times tables test."

I said, "Baby...I told you...I don't care IF you pass your times tables test at all. All I care about is that you made it thru without getting frustrated."

The very next moment was this:

She and I jumped for joy!!!!!!

Then we hugged and literally...fell into a pile of sobbing. I looked that girl dead square in the eyes and told her how proud I was of her for conquering her fear.

This was a life altering moment, Baby Girl. Life. Altering!

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