Monday, January 23, 2012

He Was the Mack at His Own Party

JUST the way he wanted it. Just didn't know he wanted it that way.

Every year I plan parties my kids will remember every single one of for the rest of their lives. How do you do that? You get in their head and figure out what THEY would like to do (not what Mommy would like to do) and THEY would love to have their friends do with them (not what Mommy would like to have their friends do) and plan it. No matter the burden. No matter the time and tireless cooking, clipping, cutting, gluing or shopping it will require. I just do it. Because I can think back and remember only 2 parties tops from when I was a kid. It involved a cake. I remember that much. End of story. So we don't buy our kids presents.

We give them parties to remember! And they can tell you everything about every party they have ever had. Plus, they have the blog books to prove it! HA!

My Boy's 6 year party was no exception. His birthday was 2 days before Christmas, but we always wait until the hustle and bustle of the holidays are fully over and then dedicate January just to him and his party. I don't ever want him to feel like his special time is getting lost. Plus, he gets Christmas Presents and then they don't just "blend" in with his birthday. It just works for us.

And so this year, when My Boy said he wanted a fireman party, My crafty side came out in full force!

We invited all of the standard family and some new church family. Then I let him give me his list of friends he wanted to invite. I was pretty pumped when I saw he was actually inviting boys, because I totally wasn't expecting it. But then, when between the night before and the morning of the festivities all of the boys who were invited had to cancel for one reason or another, I knew he would be pumped. Actually, when I told him it looked like it would be all girls at his party he said, "Sweet!"

Case in point. At many points thru this tour he could be seen holding each girl's hand. When things out there got loud or something, he would put his arms around them to "protect" them.


Grateful for all of his friends! Not everyone could make it to the forestation, so others came to the church and me being the lame-O that I am didn't get a pic again. But that is ok. It's the thought that counts, right?

Thankful for Desond and Larry too!

Then...we were off to our church for the other half of the party...

I had a friend of mine from work to make his cake. It was a HIT! favorite part... the sign. While I was getting my crafts on, My Girl got this idea. She gathered all of the supplies and began to make this for his party. It took her a week of after school crafting, but she got it done...secretly...for her brother's party. And of course...we debuted it here!


Since most of our time was spent at the firestation, I didn't plan for a lot of games like I usually do. But this one, was a must! My Girl and I came up with this obstacle course. And yes...I made the fire truck they were wearing. They had to run the obstacle course to save the kitty in the tree.

And what is a party without a fun piñata!

Happy Birthday, My Darling Fireman!

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