Friday, April 27, 2012

Grammie's Birthday Celebration

This past week My Man's momma turned the big 6-0!!! Because she was skeert I might do something embarassing like I did for his dad's 6-0, she decided to plan her own party. So we all packed down to her place this past weekend for a good ol' crappie fish fry, presents, cake and at least one little surprise that I snuck in.
This made her day. All 4 grandkids. Best present she could have asked for.
The masterminds behind the fantabulous decorating. This is My Man's cousin, Kimmy. We have been besties since we first met 15 years ago. I love her with all my stinkin heart and love to get to steal a pic with her from time to time.
My Girl has an expertise. It's making veggie trays. Sounds simple, I know. But here she was making radish roses and the symmetry of her trays makes this OCD momma's heart proud
These two were thick as theives, I tell ya. We never ever get to see them (its seriously been at least a year) but you would have thought they just saw each other yesterday.
This pic makes me happy. The deep down inside kind of happy. This is Stacey, My Man's older brother. Their love runs deep. At times, mushy deep. Especially since Stacey's real mother died a while back. I myself get guiddy at just the thought of seeing him and getting a hug from him.
My Man got this shot. And I couldn't be happier. This shot speaks to me on too many levels. *tear* Baby Girl...please stop with all the growing. I can't take much more of that mess!
Sweet pic of Stacey and his great-niece, Avery! That's a framer.
Grammie seemed to have made out just fine for a 60 year old.
Here she was opening her gift from us...
Is this not the coolest? It was perfect for her!'s where I sneaked in a little sneakiness. She wanted me to do a little video motage like I did for Grandpa's birthday. But she kept putting off getting me the photos. She finally got around to getting them scanned and sent to me. TWO NIGHTS BEFORE THE PARTY! And I am a perfectionist when it comes to video montages. I KNEW there was no way! But alas, I started working. I stayed up till past midnight that Thursday night and took it to work with me to work on in my spare time on Friday. When we got to her house I told her the disappointing news that I just couldn't get it done. She was deflated, but thanked me for trying. But after she had opened everyone elses gifts and was settling in for the party to be over, I gave My Man "the look". He started the DVD as I dimmed the lights. I slipped in a few extra pics that made her cry and put it all to a beautiful song by Chris Tomlin and Christy Knockles called "Take My Life". But at the end...came the ugly cry...
I wrote to her what she means to all of us. As a wife, mother, sister, Grammie, Child of God, etc. But for a little extra punch...the sound was my two precious ones singing Happy Birthday to her. Teach her to not let ME plan the party...bwhahahahahahahahaha! (Insert evil laugh)

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