Monday, April 16, 2012

A Last Minute Get-Away

Yes. I know. We just had a get away. But this one was a little different.

You see...we used to go camping all the time with the Kerrs and some other families from our church. Yes, spreadsheets and all. Those were some of the best memories too. We LOVED camping. Heck, when My Boy was just 2.5 months old, in the middle of March, we went camping. We nearly froze, but we went. So My Man mentioned quite some time ago that we needed to go camping again. However, since John is all gimped up, they couldn't do tent camping. So a few weeks ago we decided to look into the next best thing...

I you HEAR the quietness of it all? Ahhhhh... We spent most of our time right here. Either drinking coffee, playing games, reading books or grilling burgers and dogs. Why? Because when you take a small turn to the right...

You get this! Holy pajamas! We were right on the Sylamore Creek off of the White River. Doesn't get much more perfect than this. Seriously.

This was a very nice cabin that was only about an hour and 45 mins from home. And a beautiful drive at that. Alisons sister joined us and we still had more room to sleep if needed. And for about what you pay for a hotel room. And let me tell you...a hotel room ain't got nuttin' on this!!!

When we were getting ready to head out for a quick trip Saturday (and no Alison...not to Walmart) I snapped this picture. And I love it so stinkin much!!!

And then I couldn't resist getting one of My Man and My Boy whippin My Girl. This is pretty typical around mi casa. time! We brought games that the kids could play with us too. Like "Cracker Barrel" checkers, connect 4, dominoes, bunco, etc. But my fav was playing "What's Yours Like?" Yeah...that got interesting...

My boys were out fishing as early as possible that first morning. Look...My Boy is even still in his PJs. I think Dave caught around 25 or so.

See...every spare min. Fishing. Me? I apparently chose to do the splits right here. In the mud. In my nightgown. It was a treasure.

Saturday morning we headed about 15 miles up the road to Blanchard Caverns. I hadn't been here since I was a teenager and the idea was exciting to the kids. So we headed down about 245 feet (yikes) and toured the beauty of it all. These pics don't do it justice at all!

Look! It's the Titanic!

It was more beautiful than I remember!

After we got back, my children decided that they wanted to go swimming. In the Sylamore Creek. Which is off of the White River. And anyone who knows the White River knows that "cold" doesn't begin to describe it! But they were determined. And after about 10 mins of trying (and failing) to make it all the way under...

Here's where they wound up.

We HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone looking for a great get away. You can even tent camp right here if you would like. But we are already making plans for an early fall trip back to The Mink cabin.

Bet my kids leave their suits at home this time...

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Alison said...

It was a PERFECT weekend!