Monday, April 9, 2012

I Want to Sell My House Every Year

I love my house. I loved it the minute we walked in to see it. I loved the minute we walked out. People have their own opinions about my house but it's mine. No need to defend it at all. It's not a "keeping up with the Jones'" type of house. However, it IS a "keeping up with P. Allen Smith" type of house. You see...before we bought this out My Man made me promise that I would help keep it up. I would have said anything to get him to buy me my house!

Now...every spring...I am ready to sell this place! Holy pajamas! And if you have ever been to my house you know why. I had an older woman as the previous owner of this place and I knew her well. She was a typical grandma. Her husband worked at Lowe's just because he wanted to and she stayed home...and kept up that daggum garden. The first year, she already had it all taken care of for us. We enjoyed showing it off to all of our visitors. Then the hot of summer came and killed off about 18 plants. Then fall covered it with leaves and winter disguised it all with snow. Then spring. Oh my. The promise I made to My Man was being reminded DAILY to me. So we dove in with everything we had! We had company coming to say with us for a week so we had good motivation. But still...I was just rather ready to sell sell SELL!!!

Last year I was really proud of what we did, but it was mainly the necessities. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful and I was ok with living here another year. LOL.

So this year, that danged spring rolled around again. Weeds needed to be pulled. Mulch needed to be spread. But this year, I decided since we were a well oiled machine now, I would focus on more aesthetics than ever before. Not a lot, but a few.

Welcome to My Jungle:

It's when it's all done and I take this step back and see the absolute beauty in the gardens and not the work that I fall in love with it all again.

I laid this stone after we moved in. I recently moved it to the edge of my porch right where it is one of the first things anyone sees when they start to the house. Right by my growing hibiscus plants, or as My Boy calls em..."high biscuits". They will get very tall and wide, so I guess he isn't that far off. I can't wait!

When we first moved in, I didn't understand this HUGE island in the front yard with basically 2 tiny trees and little plants. Now that my Japanese Maple has gone nuts I simply adore this island. And this year My Girl helped me by finding a flag she wanted in it and put it out there. I bought a solar spotlight and showcased it at night. She was pumped!

One of my favorite changes I made this year was clearing out spots on the first tier and putting in some stepping stones surrounded by lava rock rather than mulch. It makes our sitting are much more cozy.

So...this year took a lot less time, broken backs and pulled muscles that were in places I didn't know I owned. I guess I'll not sell the place.

Till next spring.

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