Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Disney ~ Day 5 & 6

Day 5 landed us at Disney's Hollywood Studios (or MGM for us old skool Mouskateers).

Today was a sorta matchy kind of day. We were given the green Tinkerbell shirts, but since the boys don't seem to be the Tink wearing type, I found them some matching Mickey football shirts for the boys.

One of our first stops was to watch the Disney Junior Live Show.

My Boy was pumped to get to see Little Einsteins, Handy Maney, Jake and The Neverland Pirates and OF COURSE Mickey and his clubhouse himself!

Look at his face!

He about fell out when he got to meet Jake in person!!!

This was the one ride we waited in line the longest for (40 mins...every other ride was between 5-10 for the most part) because all of the fastpasses were gone before noon and EVERYONE wanted to ride this. Toy Story Mania 3-D! It was an absolute blast!!! And the talking and singing Mr. Potato Head inside the building was manned by someone who would carry on a conversation with you while you waited in line. It was actually quite hilarious!

Ok. So The Star Tours ride. Everyone's fav ride!!! So much so that we rode it 5 times. Yes, FIVE! It's 3-D but the coolest thing about it? There are 51 combinations of adventures you can go on. So riding it 5 times was like riding 5 different rides. The 5th was the best because it combined Darth Vader, an incoming transmission from Yoda, landed on the planet Hoth and then a droid slammed with a pokey thing thru our windshield. Freaking. Awesome!

When we got off of the Star Tours ride we could not pass this up. All I have to say is my abs are SMOKIN!

The Cars, Action Stunt show was absolutely amazing! I could have watched it for hours! But my kids about flipped out when Lightnin McQueen showed up and did some pretty cool stunts all his own.

We then made it to our dinner reservations at the Sci Fi Drive-in Theater. It was a very very cool experience. Of course the kids had NO idea what this weird place was till we told them that this was how their grandparents used to go to movies.

The absolute best nighttime show at any of the parks has always been Fantasmic! And it was even better than I remember from 3 years ago. Totally worth heading to get a good seat an hour early. Hands down!

Day 6 brought our little family adventure to a close. It was sad, but boy was I ready for my own bed and softer water! My Man took the kids to the pool for a few hours while I got everything packed and ready to deliver to the Disney's Magical Express. After we dropped our luggage off with them we ate lunch at the resort and then headed off to play around until our time for the bus to arrive.

We took this pic shortly before our plane was about to board to head home. We will miss the happiest place on earth, that's for sure. But when I walked back in my house and tucked kids into bed (around 10:30 that night) I reminded them that THE happiest place on earth... wherever we all 4 are. Together.

See you real soon!
Why? Because we like you!

Bye Bye...

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