Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Disney ~ Day 4

Day 4 gave us time to get our imagination on. EPCOT has always been one of my favorite parks on the Disney property. Very futuristic and it has gotten even better at that in recent years.

Time for more matchy-matching!

We were able to be there this time during the spring flower festival and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

One of the smartest things we did was purchase lanyards for everyone prior to the trip (cheaper). The kids were able to keep up with their room keys with their names on them as well as their fast passes, etc.

We had breakfast in Norway at the Restaurant Akershus. Here we had storybook time with the princesses. Now My Girl...she did all the princess-y stuff last time we went so she was a little past this. But My Boy...he was all about loving on some princesses! Go figure. His face in most of these cracks me up!

We had to wait in a long line for this one, but he wasn't giving up! He wanted to meet Mulan. And she deemed him a soldier for the army. Don't think he took that lightly at ALL!

They had a Kim Possible Adventure that you could sign up for and My Girl was pumped about it. You go to one of the countries to obtain your mission (a GPS cell phone) and choose the next country from a list. You h have to go to that country and complete the missions Kim talks to you about. Even by your GPS certain things would happen when you arrived. It was actually really cool. Just wished she could have done more.

Look! It's the Aristocats! And she acted like she was trying to lick his hair back down and he thought it was HYSTERICAL!

Marry Poppins is My Boys FAVORITE so this was the other one we waited in a decent line for. But boy did Mary put on a show for him and he wasn't shy about interacting with her for sure!

We rode our favorites: Soarin' and then Test Track twice and Mission: Space twice (much to my chagrin). But while we were waiting for our fastpass times to kick in...

I caught a moment or 2 of sweetness on camera. All of our feet were hurting a little and it was the hottest day of em all so far, so we sat down to take a load off. They took turns spraying each other's feet with the spritz of water and the fan blowing.

Notice I didn't get any pics of them doing this for me or Daddy. Hmmmm...

To be continued...

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The Proctors said...

I am loving reading about your Disney trip! I will definitely have to come back and take notes because we are planning to go next year. I need all the help and tips that I can get!