Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Disney ~ Day 3 (with Video)

Looks like we are headed back to the Magic Kingdom. For the whole day. Oh. Yes!!!

With this being our second day back, we decided to take a different kind of pic. Yes, in our Matchy-match shirts. Look closely in the kids hands.

Hello Tink!

Even after being here as many times as I have, Cinderellas castle is still absolutely beautiful close up!

My two boyfriends enjoying some flight on Aladdin's magic carpets. Dang, they are cute!

A little play in the water caused some HUGE headaches. Especially seeming as how they bumped noggins right here. Tears and tears and more tears. There's no CRYING at DISNEY!

My Girl had just learned about Swiss Family Robinson and was fascinated by them. So of COURSE we had to climb the treehouse they had built here to replicate theirs.

It really was very very cool. If nothing else, Disney's attention to detail meeting reality is priceless.

After our Pirates of the Caribbean ride (hello HUGE changes to that ride!) we had to act like we were pirates on our way to the Haunted Mansion. And can I just say...Mother of the Year...right here. I laughed SO hard at how scared my kids were on the HM. It was so wrong, but I don't wanna be right!

Riding on Prince Charming's carousel. You can't go to Fantasy Land and NOT ride this. You just can't.

Since they are still working on the gigantor Fantasy Land expansion still, Dumbo was slated to be not opened yet. My Boy about fell out in the floor when we told him it might not be open. However, they had soft opened Dumbo and The Great Goofini's Barnstormer. We had to ride the Barnstormer twice. Too too fun! But My Boy was almost giddy to ride Dumbo. He was a little ticked, however that the 'peanuts' all over the place were really fake.

This wasn't Colton's my sweet child.

For dinner we caught the ferry over to the Wilderness Lodge to eat at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. (If you haven't ever eaten there and you are sensitive to sarcasm...AVOID!) Daddy did what he does best...snooze when he gets a chance :-)

So My Boy and I did what we do best...made fun of Daddy...hee hee!

Waiting on our table...this is so typical them. Funny part is, they were actually fighting here.

Ok. So our first night in the MK, we were standing in line for the Astro Orbiter and on the stage across from us they were doing something called Disney Club 623. It was literally a packed out with all sorts of club type songs and dancing. My Boy and I danced some in line and My Girl looked absolutely MORTIFIED and begged us to stop. So when we walked by this time...My Boy and I couldn't resist full participation. For a good 45 mins! At one point he found himself shakin what his momma gave him with none other than Goofy!

Here is a little video for your viewing pleasure!

To be continued....

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