Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Disney ~ Day 2

Well...after just a few short hours of sleep that night, we got up to set out for day numero dos! Disney's Animal Kingdom. We have never taken the time to go to this park since there isn't quite as much to do there, but since we had the time this go around, we had to at least try it out.

Yes...Yes...matching shirts day 2. Trust me. It made it easier than you think. Plus...we are CUTE!

Many folks know that I was born and raised for half of my life here. But many don't necessarily know that I am estranged from my birth mother. And for very very very good reason. However, I have since reconnected with her family via Facebook and I'm so glad I have. I ran into one of her sisters at the park and there may or may not have been tears. It was so good to see Aunt Les. Wish I could have seen more of them.

One of the coolest shows was watching The Circle of Life. Freaking amazing!!!!

This tree is absolutely AMAZING from any angle that you look at it...

It was a very rare situation where My Man and I were actually together on a ride, so we had to document it. So WHAT if it was in a little dinosaur.

Um...can't go to Disney World and NOT get a Mickey icecream. And chop his ear off. Both of them. First.

While were in Africa waiting on our African Safari, the kids wanted to get their faces painted. I don't think I have EVER seen My Boy this still if he wasn't asleep. I think I'll run right out and purchase some face paint. Wait. I suck at art. Nevermind.

Aren't they handsome and beautiful?!?!

We went on the African Safari and I must say...we were actually impressed! The kids really enjoyed it and so did we. You should really look it up on Google earth though...

Ok. Look. It's no secret. I'm short. And people rag me for it all the time. But my family...my own flesh and blood and husband...they are the worst. They call me "Yoda". Have for years. Take every opportunity to compare me to Yoda. So when I found this pin...I couldn't resist. I still wear it proudly and even bought a matching coffee mug to go with it.

No shame, people. No shame.

To be continued...

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