Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Disney ~ Day 1

I have finally washed all of the Tinkerbell dust out of my hair, washed and folded all of our matching shirts and tried my hardest to get the "It's a Small World" song out of my head long enough to get around to sorting thru our trip pictures. While my goal this trip was not to get pictures but rather to make many many memories, I still managed to take way too many.

We got up around 4am that Monday morning. Two very excited kiddos and two just as excited adults! We get to the airport gung ho and ready to start our fabulous vacay. Only to find the security line is backed all the way down the escalators and out into the food court. Not so fabulous. Because by the looks of the moving line in conjunction with the minute hand on the clock...we were sure to miss our flight.

And let me just My Boy's rolling carryon not the cutest thing ever? The flight attendants and pilots all got a huge kick out of it.

Praise the Lord, though...we made our flight by the skin of our teeth! We landed in New Orleans but didn't have to get off of the plane, but rather change seats if we wanted to. During this 30 min wait we all decide to make a quick trip to the restroom. My Boy and I were last and, of course, he striked up a conversation with the pilot on his way back to his seat. Tells him that this is his first plane ride he remembers. So what does the pilot do? To help him remember his very first flight?

Let's us get in the cockpit and pretend to fly the daggum plane! Whatelse is there now? Holy pajamas! Do you have a CLUE how pumped not only My Boy was but how pumped MY MAN was when we got back to our seats to tell him. Oh. And he was a fabulous pilot too.

Here's me and my babies kickin' it...Southwest style.

This cracks me up! It's pretty typical of my family. We have My Girl reading something about science experiments. She said this meant she was "ridin' dirty". HA! We have My Boy acting goofy and My Man snoring. Epitome of my daily life here people.

We landed in Orlando early afternoon and My Boy was enamoured with Orlando airport and all of the "fun things" there were to do. Like ride the tram. LOL! But by the end of the trip we talked about how in the course of 7 days we rode in a car, airplane, tram, bus, monorail, boat, train, people mover, and among other things...a spaceship. Not bad, I say.

We chose to fly and use the Disney Magical Express and I must say...I will NEVER do it any other way. They pick you up from the airport in a nice chartered bus and give you a tour of disney parks on the tv monitors. They even get your luggage for you from baggage claim and deliver it to your hotel room. Fanc-y! But check this out. I look over after we are not on the bus long at all and My Boy has honed in on a group of girls from Michigan there on their spring break. He talked and schmoozed and flirted the entire 45 ride. Help me now.

We have stayed at one of the moderate resorts on Disney property a few times. This time we opted for the value resorts because the way this trip was planned, we wouldn't have much time to just hang out at the resort. And my thoughts were very justified. But we did pay extra for a preferred room and I'm glad we did. We got the Toy Story building!

If you look real close in thru those holes, you will see my kids. This was the stairwell to the building. Too stinkin' cute!

After we got settled in we headed to the Magic Kingdom.

But just briefly at first. Why? Because we needed to catch the monorail to...
Chef Mickey!!!!!

And if they say a picture is worth a thousand words...this one right here? It must be worth a billion. I have never seen My Boy quite this beside himself. And he has been blessed to get to do and see a lot in his little 6 years. But since this was a completely new thing to him (sorta)...this little face was worth every penny we spent!

But then, after I took that photo, I looked over at My Girl and her daddy and capture this one...
SLAY ME NOW!!!! I can't begin to tell you what this picture does to me.

So I won't. Or my keyboard might get nasty with slobber and snot and tears.

But LOOK! Here is the guest of honor!!!!

Mom and Dad couldnt' resist getting a quick shot with THE Mouse himself either.

We have Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

The Puppies

From there we headed back over to the Magic Kingdom. We spent most of our time in Tomorrow Land.

But since we were so close we DID sneak a ride on the Mad Tea Party. Hee hee.

I had to take a picture of this. It was one of the pics that they grabbed of My Girl and I during the Buzz Lightyear ride. Holy pajamas! Do I LOOK involved, or what?!?!?

When night fell we headed to watch the electrical parade. STILL just as wonderful as I remember it!

Something that HAS changed tremendously though is the night show right before the fireworks at Cinderella's castle. They do an AMAZING light show of different things right there on her castle! If there is one thing My Man and I kept saying is that Walt Disney World knows how to do things right and spares no expense to make every detail count!

We couldn't resist getting a nighttime shot with us and the beautiful castle.

The park closed to resort guest at midnight. So it was time to pack up our worn outselves and head back to the hotel. Remember...we had been up since 4 am!

But with this last memory of our first was ALL worth it!

To be continued...

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