Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Date, a Surprise and Little Girls Heart

It started last Friday. My Man and I wanted to our Valentine's date then so my parents were going to come and get the kids and let them spend the night with them so we didn't have to worry about when to come home. Yeah, us! But then my mom told me her plan I was guiddy!

Step 1: Get the kids dressed up.
After I got the kids clothes on My Boy, of course, took to making his hair juuuuuussstttt right for his surprise that was coming.

After he was done he said, "C'mere Momma. We look so good we need a picture." So I squatted down and he held the camera out as we all do and snapped this photo of us. That is one handsome dude! And as a friend said...look at those eyes! Dang, boy!

So the kids sat on the couch. Just waiting. But then...the doorbell rang. They ran to answer it and here came these to. My Momma and Daddy all spiffed up themselves. And I am here to tell you...the only time I've seen Daddy in a suit is at weddings and funerals so this is a treat folks!

MiMi worked on putting My Boy's "courage" on (that's what he called it)...

While Papa Joe, in typical Papa Joe form, afixed My Girl's corsage to her wrist. She wasn't too sure about all of can tell...

My Boy with his Sugar Mama...I mean...Date

My Girl with her date...aka the First Man of My Dreams

But then I couldn't resist a photo op of two of my favorite men. When My Boy first saw My Daddy he said, "Whewey Papa Joe! We look just alike. And you look almost as good as me."

Papa Joe couldn't say a word becuase had My Boy not said that first...Daddy would have.

So they took their suitcases to the car and Mom and Dad whisked them off for their reserved dinner at Mike's Place here in town. When I asked them the next afternoon what they had, My Girl explained every item of yumminess she had in detail. My Boy..."Dessert". Shocker.

After they left, My Man and I were headed to start getting ready for our date when he walks out with a bag and stands in the hallway just staring at me. Now...let me back up. We don't DO Valentine's Day. Never have. We have been together for 15 years. We just don't. He knows how I feel about blowing money frivilously. However there have been times he has defied all sanity and sent me flowers every now and then, but I must does make it more special since I know that we just don't do that kind of stuff.

So you will understand why he put the bag in my lap and then walked away.

And I found these inside. 1 Carat high quality diamond earrings set in white gold.


But the part that he made sure I knew was that he had been stashing cash for months to buy them. Wow. Way to take the wind out of my ready to pounce on him and pummel him sails!

Truly...My Man pulled one over on me and while I actually had someone say "Oh that is so what men do...just throw jewelry at their wives."...I know that isn't the case here. The fact that he did this AND pulled it off is absolutely amazing.

So here they are. In my ears as we are on our way out to dinner. We had an amazing dinner together at Star of India, one of our favorite restaurants that we never get to. From there we met up with friends at West End to hear an awesome (and LOUD) band.

Our classic self portrait we always do. This was just as we got there and before the night of great music and hilarious people watching with some friends.

So then Valentine's Day rolled around, and it was time for us to focus on the kids. I gave My Boy a stuffed frog who is now named "Kissy" that he loves, some chocolate Spider Man hearts and a card about putting the toilet seat down. Right up his alley. You would have thought I gave him a million dollars.

But Then...there was this...
My Girl has always wanted an Edible Arrangement. And My Man looked into getting her one the very first time she mentioned it, but was floored by how much it cost. He brought it up again for Valentine's Day for her and I convinced him cost didn't matter. It would make her day.

No...her world!

And guess what? It did. Just look at her face in the picture. My Man is setting the bar that all other men will be judged against for her.

And I'm pretty sure...he is setting it pretty daggum high.

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