Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing Hookie

I have only ever kept my kids out of school for the following reasons:

Never ever ever have I said, "Let's just skip school today for the fun of it."

Till yesterday.

You see...SnowGate 2012 (aka 2 inches of snow) was destined to head our way. Schools all around us were closed. Yup. Except ours. When I woke up at 4:45 that morning to get ready for my work, My Man was leary of me driving to Little Rock when last time this happened...well...we'll just say my life was protected by the grace of God. So my first thoughts were that we would just all go in late.

But then...as the snow stopped falling I thought...this will probably be the only time this year for them to play in snow. So...


And what is fun in the snow without a little snow slushy? (It has sleeted so it was a slushy)

Or for this joker...a LOT of snow slushy

We couldn't leave Sissy Girl out! She got some snow slushy too and then her pansy butt high tailed it back in the house.

"It's toooo towwwwwwld!"

After about an hour though it started sleeting hard so I rounded the rascals up and headed in. They were popsicles but they had a blast! And that was what mattered. Especially since by the time their bus passed the house...most of it had melted. It was then I was glad that I threw the rules out the window and we all played hookie!

Now...who's gonna clean this mess up?!?!?


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