Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Her 3rd Grade Awards

This past Thursday was the Awards ceremony at My Girl's school. So, I took the day off! I got up there before lunch and checked My Boy out to join us. His lunch was during the awards ceremony and since I don't take off very often, I didn't wanna miss time with him as well. Here we all are with our friends Garrett and Farrah.

From there we headed to the Big Room for the ceremonies! (Horrible Quality, but I still got em!)

Here is Mr. Pennington making the kids laugh. As usual! He did inform them though that next year they would be the examples to everyone in the school and this was a responsibility not to be taken lightly. I really appreciate this man very very much.


Here is Ms. Kayla Roberts, My Girl's 3rd grade teacher. This woman has LITERALLY changed My Girl's course. After last year and the bullying, I thought My Girl was gone for good. This woman restored!!!


This is our academic award for A-B Honor Roll all year long. I hate it that she only got one B all year (and 87 in math...of course!) that kept her off the all A Honor Roll because she was kinda bummed. What the mess!!!! I quickly informed her that this was OUTSTANDING!!!!


This was the Accelerated Reader award from the school librarian. She's better than me! I hate reading!

So proud of My Girl! 


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