Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anyone Wanna Go to the Beach?

The Monday before Memorial Day we were kicking the tires of plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. Camping? All booked up. Branson? Not really wanting to deal with that craziness. But we all decided to put our thinking caps on. Then, that Wednesday...I had an idea. I texted our old friend Shonda to see if she already friends staying with her or not this weekend. That's when she informed me that they weren't even going to be home. They were actually going to be in Arkansas. Well, stink! But then she said something that was music to my ears: "Why don't y'all go on and stay at the house anyways?" It took me 2 seconds to say, "HECK TO THA YES!" So, I began texting and calling the peeps. The Kerrs, the Bartons and Andrea and Camryn. Anyone wanna go to the beach? Gas and food only. My phone pretty much blew up at that point! Time off was requested, plans were made and swimsuits were packed. We were headed in 2 days to Blue Mountain Beach Florida, ba-by!!! And this was going to be our humble abode...

Yup. Horrible accommodations, I know. A 5 bedroom and 5 bath home. At the beach. For free. Holy crap!!!! As soon as we dropped our stuff at the house we slapped on the swimsuits and hit the beach! Cue the signing and the oohing and the ahhing and the giggling!

Especially from these three! We spent the evening on the private beach. Playing in the sand and just resting in awe that this came together like it did as fast as it did and here we are.

After some 11:00 dinner (pizza) and a trip to Walmart to get food for the weekend, we hit the sack. About 3:00 am I got up to let The Bartons in and we slept in that next morning. With 3 floors to the house, it was easy. My kids were on 2 and we were on 3. WOO HOO!!!! The next day we took a cooler and literally stayed in the water for HOURS! We at lunch on the beach and got right back in. I have lived in Florida for 13 years and spent many many a vacations at Gulf Shores and Destin but I must say...I have NEVER seen water this beautifully green and crystal clear in my life except for when were in the Bahamas. Seriously. The water could be up to your chest and still see your feet. Who wouldn't WANT to stay there all day?!?!? That night we came in and got cleaned up and headed to "The Smiling Fish". It's a seafood cafe right on the beach where Shonda's son Mitchell works. We ate cobia that was just caught out past the 2nd sandbar. Amazing! And our sweet waitress was kind enough to snap a shot for us.

Sunday we got up and spent more of the day doing the exact same thing. I mean, we didn't come to outlet mall shop. We came to THE BEACH. End of story. But, that evening we headed back in early and got cleaned up. We went back and took some good pics of us all out there.

Afterwards we hit up Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradise for some freakin fabulous food. By the time we got home, Jeremy and Shonda were back so we stayed up a little late visiting with them. Then it was up Monday to head home. All in all, we had the best time and I'm looking forward to the next time I get ask friends if they wanna go to the beach again. I'm pretty sure I'm officially the new trip coordinator for our little band of friends. Wonder if they will ever think to shower me with gifts and money in return...


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