Thursday, June 14, 2012

Facing Your Fears

Well...remember the post about taking My Girl to the audition?  Where we decided not to do it because it was too much to handle?  Where it was way too expensive to get into?  That post?  Well...something happened right after that post.  Namely, the following Thursday (2 days before classes were to start) the head talent agent from Los Angeles called me to offer to pay half to get My Girl into it.  See...she was 34 out of 650 kids who they wanted and REALLY wanted to put her in the showcase.

So, 2 days later we were there.  for 2 hours each every Saturday and Sunday.  Meeting with the acting teachers.  All leading up to this past Sunday.  The Agent Showcase.  Where they bring in agents from L.A., New Orleans, Dallas and Nashville. I don't know who was more or her.  But I was so proud of her.  She faced her fears.  her fears that she isn't good enough, so why try.  Here are just a few fans of the day.

Thank you baby girl for helping me remember how good it can be to face your fears.

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