Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Girl Goes to Camp!

My Girl has wanted to go to "real" church camp for as long as I can remember. You know...the one where you pack tons of crap you don't need for a week in a dorm with a bunch of sweaty and stinky girls who spend most of camp in the bathrooms trying to make themselves not stink so bad? That church camp!

 Well this was finally her year. The orignal plans were for me to go as their sponsor and get to enjoy this with her, but alas I had a work trip stop that from happening. I did, however, get to take off the first day and spend it with them. Almost immediately she hooked up with some old and new friends. I kept asking her if she was sure that she wanted me to stay and she gave me the stare down as if to say "YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!" So I stayed.

I walked around with her and her friends exploring the place (even though we have been there a million times). We went to opening worship and then as they were lined up for lunch I told her I was running home to pack and would be back to get her ready for dinner and evening worship.

And here we are for evening worship! It was "crazy hair night". We girls in the south like our hair big. So naturally...


Evening worship. A little crazy and caotic, but still wonderful!

As the evening wore down and counselors were getting ready for bedtime devotional, she asked me to just snuggle with her before I left. Don't have to ask me twice! This was taken right before I told her I had to go. She cried so hard. Not becuase she couldn't DO this without me, but because she didn't WANT to do this without me. Way to warm this momma up from the inside out!

I left the next morning for Chicago and would periodically get morning texts or phone calls from her counslor's phone. She apparently woke up wanting me every morning and once she talked to me, she was good. As a side note, her counselor was AWESOME! She even made one of these for all of the girls.

Luckily, I had friends who were willing to step in and at least attempt to be me. This was "Western Night". Look at all that sass!


This was Camo night. That's my backwoods girl!

That Thursday night was "clash night" where basically they only had to wear whatever they still had left in their suitcases that was clean. So I have no doubt, most kids clashed really well! But the best part was that this was also the talent show night. Apparently, the crowd began to sing along with her during the chorus. I wouldn't know. I couldn't stop crying long enough to listen.


 Her dream has always been to be a worship leader. Way to lead worship Baby Girl! Way to lead...

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