Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing Biggs

It all started because it was time to get Sissy Girl "groomed".  I say that loosely because she has such short hair.  But Tangi is fabulous with her and she loves to go get her bath and parts cleaned up and out and nails clipped up and such.  The kids and I were picking up Sissy Girl and she was grooming an old Yorkie.  I mentioned to her that My Man has always wanted one of those but his allergies have dictated that we can't get another dog after Sissy Girl.

Tangi informs me that number 1...Yorkies are hypoallergenic and number 2...she has one that needs a home.


We decided to tell the kids that we were just puppy sitting.  We told them that he was in a home that was full of people who didn't like him and treated him badly (which wasn't a lie) and that we would take care of him until he got new owners.

They had named him Biggun.  They got him as a puppy straight from the breeders and apparently didn't know what to expect in a puppy.  And it manifested pretty quickly.  One day when she took him to be groomed he just told Tangi to find him a home.  She apparently put it out on Facebook and people were asking for pictures.  She never got around to it.  And then, the above scene happened.

We brought him home and he wasn't quite sure what to think or do.  We just loved on him.  He was almost a year old and was still not house broken.  So we had to work on that.  But now he just snuggles and loves and sleeps and eats.  He rarely says a word and just relishes in the love that he is getting here.

So 2 weeks later we asked the kids what they thought about making Biggs an Overstreet.  The look on their faces were priceless!

Introducing Mr. Biggie Shrimps of Endor!

Welcome home, Biggs.  Welcome home...

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