Monday, August 20, 2012

When Will I Learn?

That no matter how many times they have a first day of blank grade...I still cry.

For different reasons than I used to, but the tears...they still make a private appearance.  But when it happens, I still smile.  Because you see...while it reminds me that they are growing up and will one day not want me to take them to class or hold their hands in public or kiss them on the lips...but it also reminds me that I'm doing something right.

So this one started last night.  I surprised them with one of their favorite meals that they ask for all the time but I rarely make.

Bubble Up PIZZA!!!

From there, the kids got their teacher gifts ready.

Here is Luke's for his 1st Grade teacher, Mrs. Reed.  His says, "Ms Reed I love you for picking me!"

Here is Belle's for her 4th Grade teacher Mrs. Bagwell.  It says, "Ms. Bagwell I am extremely excited for you to be my teacher this year.  I do believe you are awesome.  Have a great year."

Then came our favorite yearly tradition:

We had our nightly Bible story and then bedtime prayers.  But then it was time for Daddy to pray over them as they start their new venture in school.

The next morning these kids bounded up out of the bed and were ready for their big day!!!  Biggs even helped to rise and shine My Man.

Daddy made us some yummy breakfast of champions!  My Man had some oatmeal and My Girl had an omelet and sausage.

Then, it was time to go!

Ready for 1st Grade

Ready for 4th Grade

My precious kiddos

They look so stink in big!!!!

Rounding to the corner to the kids "Determination Hall"

First stop, Mrs. Reed

He loves Mrs. Reed already

Then on down to Mrs. Bagwell

So stink in proud of her!

I am so excited for both of them in this new year of theirs.  I know you will have ups and downs, wins and losses, victories and defeats.  But most importantly I know the Lord will lead you thru this year and bring out the best in each of you and help you make memories for a lifetime.  I love you both so very much and am so very proud of you both.  


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