Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little Jaunt to Oklahoma

A few weeks ago My Girl was cast as an extra in the upcoming movie "The Butler".  IF we wanted to accept it.  We weren't prepared to commit to it until we had some questions answered.  We never got the questions answered before Hurriane Isaac hit New Orleans.  The very spot we were supposed to be shooting at.  The Lord had looked out for us yet again!

Sometime the next few days my girlfriend Alison was looking at her Facebook feed and mentioned that  these guys were looking for kids for their next video.  Now...we LOVE these guys!  Many of their videos get shown at churches all across this nation INCLUDING mine.  So I checked into it, they asked for videos and pictures of My Girl and the next day she was asked to join them on their next shoot in 5 days.

She.  Was.  PUMPED!

So I booked a hotel room in Oklahoma City and My Girl and I loaded up early Thursday morning...September 6th and drove to the city.  Just My Girl and Me.  And this weekend would go down as one of my most cherished memories with her.  No brother or Daddy or chores or busyness interfering.  Just us.

So we unloaded at the hotel and then headed over to Freestyle Productions.

First order of business was looking over the scripts.  There were 3 acts with multiple scenes.

Then...we wait.  Wait for the guys (who were recording some of the other pieces) to come and pick which kid they want to use in the next scene.  So I took it upon myself to just take some random pics of different things around the studio.

Right before our dinner break, they wanted all of the kids back there to shoot a piece called "Manna from heaven".

Just as we broke for dinner, Tommy and Ed agreed to pics with all of the families.  I find it absolutely hilarious that my own almost 10 year old had to stoop so I could be seen.  ha!

She was enjoying every single second of this!

After all but one scene had been shot they sent everyone else home.  Then, it was just us, the director and the Skit Guys left behind.  While we were filming My Girl's shot, called "Fishers of Men", there was a lot of goofing off going on and getting to know each other.  Case in point!

Here is one of the many different takes.  They had to shoot it from all different angles to make sure they get it all.

We went back to the hotel after getting to spend over an hour with just the guys.  We were on such an emotional high.  We headed to the pool and just recapped and laughed about it all.  She called anyone she could think of to tell them all about it.  And as I watched her face as she talked to people it settled in me that no matter what, everything that has happened over the past few months has been 100% worth every minute...every dime...every tear.

So, until next time Oklahoma...

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