Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Name Isn't Simon, but We Love to do Drawings!

After 9 years of giving my kiddies elaborate and themed parties that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  And they can tell you all of the parties and different games and food themes that they have gotten to be a part of.  I love watching them have funs with their friends so very much.

But this year, when My Girl said she wanted to have her party at a local paint boutique, it made my arm pits sweat a little.  I wasn't sure how I could NOT go all out, but she was excited!!! we went.

We went to the boutique the month before and picked out the pictures that she and her friends would paint.  We picked out the one the mothers would do, too.  We were ready and PUMPED!

Check out my little art-TISTE!  This was so up her alley!  I ordered berets for all of them and painted mustaches on them all.  How stinkin FUN!!!

 We couldn't have asked for a better 3rd grade teacher (especially on the heels of all that went down in 2nd) than Ms. Kayla Roberts.  She knew My Girl has been struggling recently so she made a point to show up for a little bit to drop off a Britt Nichole CD just for her!

Check out our brother.  So crazy!

Then, it was time to get to work...

Some "Happy Birthday" time...

Harper and our embroidery kit

Farrah and some Moolah!

Anna Grace with Apples to Apples

Kaylee and girly girl stuff

Sarah and our Sock Monkey

Aunt Lori and more Moolah

Sophie and more girly girl

A skateboard!!!!  Thanks MiMi and Papa

Kelsey and National Treasure

Eric and Desi and funky girly stuff

Crazy Camryn 

The girls had such a good time and My Girl couldn't have had a better time.  You can see it all over her face in this picture.  Good job girls!

Here's us women and our fun sunflowers

This picture of my and my girl that morning sums it up.  This is us in our goofy and her laughing at me.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this with her and for her and having these memories for the rest of our lives!!!

 I love you Baby Girl.  You can quit growing older, but lets not quit having parties, ok?

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