Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1st Annual Friends Christmas Extravaganza

And I use that term loosely.  Very loosely!

But that is what My Girl said she wanted.  She came to me about a month ago with an idea.  And idea that let her invite her friends and My Boy invite his friends and they would have an Extravaganza!  What was this to include?  Well, don't worry.  She informed me.

She wanted:  Reindeer Poop, Cinnamon Candy, Sandwiches, punch and my 'cool games' that I do at other Christmas parties.

At first I just said, "We'll see" (aka Momma speak for AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN).  But the more and more I thought about it I special of a memory for them?  That SHE came up with this idea to entertain (I have no idea where she gets it) and that they and their friends got to feel uber special for a night.  So, off to planning I went, but didn't tell her.  At least not until it was time to send out the invitations...

 I allowed each of them to pick 8 friends they wanted to invite.  I figured that half would come and that would give me about 8 total kids.  They were pumped!  Sat down and started filling out their envelopes and stuffing away.  Come party day, here's what we wound up with:

 My Girl had Harper, Sarah, Anna Grace (all from her old school) Farrah (from her new school) Garrett (from church and new school) and longest time bestie Camryn. 

My Boy had Garrett (he actually invited him), Madison (from church and school) and Ava (from school).  I'm noticing a trend.  Most of the's always the girls that show for My Boy...hmmmm..

We took these pictures at the beginning and I had My Man make 4x6 photo prints of them to give to each party goer.  What a great memento! was time for the food!  My favorite part. 

Once everyone got a quick belly full, it was time for the games!  My 2nd favorite part and the BIGGEST hit for the kids!

The first game was the "Who Am I?" game--Christmas version.  I took sticker and put them on every one's backs.  On the stickers were different Christmas themed people/places/things.  For instance:  The Grinch, Mrs. Clause, an ornament, a present, The North Pole, etc.  They then had to work their way around the room asking Yes/No questions to figure out who/what/where they were.  It was quite fun!  From there we headed into "The 12 Days of Christmas~Billie style!"  This consisted of each kid drawing a card.  On the card was one of the 12 Days.  Then we began singing the song and as it got to each day, each kid had to sing and act out their part.  Freaking.  Fabulous!!!!  I wound up as the Partridge and I'm sure it was something to be deeply treasured for years to come for those precious kids.

Next up?  The Left Right Christmas Story.  Here all of the kids stood in a circle holding a gift from under the tree.  Each kid had to pick up one of the gifts that they did not bring.  I then began to read a Christmas story about the "Wright" family.  Every time I said the word "left" they had to pass their present to the left.  Likewise when I said "right".  I loved watching them get so confused.  Am I sick?  Probably but you would have laughed too!  Then, they all got to open their gag gifts...

Our last game of the evening was deciphering a Christmas Carol picture quiz.  They were getting SO frustrated!  Even some of the adults.  But the part I loved most...Look at My Girls face in this picture.  LOL!!!!

All in all the kids' 1st Annual Friends Christmas Extravaganza was a HIT!  They both said their friends were going on and on the next day at school and their other friends who couldn't make it were pretty bummed.  But I reminded them that there is a reason it is called the first ANNUAL. 

They are already plotting next years' party. 

Mission accomplished, I'd say.

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