Sunday, December 23, 2012

And I Supposedly Couldn't Get Pregnant

When I was 16 years old, I was told I could probably never get pregnant.  After much doctor assistance and many hours in prayer, I got pregnant.  And lost it.  I repeated it 2 more times.  When I got pregnant with My Girl, I was told she probably wouldn't survive either.  She was born perfectly happy and healthy.  After one more miscarriage, I wasn't sure I could do it all again.  But I stayed on my doctors treatments and blood tests and charting, etc anyways. 

And that month I was told "the tests show you can not get pregnant this month".  So...all planning went out the window. 

2 Months later I called My Man and asked him to pull over.  I was at work and staring at 2 lines. 

I rushed to my doctors office only to be told this baby wouldn't make it either.

 They OBVIOUSLY didn't know who they were dealing with, did they? 

Thank you, My Boy, for 7 years of coming into your own in this world. 

It has been 7 years since I have this wild, crazy, kindhearted, gorgeous lipped, funny, dancing, obnoxious little man.  And I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. 

When he came out, the cord was around his next a few times and he was completely whiteblue.  It scared the mess outta me.  They wouldn't let family in for a while until we were sure everything was ok.  So when we finally got to hold him and snuggle him, all we could do was stare. 

My 2nd miracle had arrived.  But who knew then that he could be all that he has become to us in just 7 years. 

Thank you, My Boy, for 7 years of letting Jesus shine thru you.

He is so stinkin hilarious!  I seriously think people want to hang out with us all the time, just to see what he is going to do next.  Not even kidding.  Whether it is something like this where I went to get him out of the shower and he had his swimming mask on or if he starts is NEVER a dull moment with his Wit and quick thinking. 

Thank you, My Boy for 7 years of knee-slappin laughter!

And this is something else that has seemed to rock every one's world around us.  His moustache collection.  He wears them to church, to dinner, to name it and he has probably worn it there.  And the best part is that there are lost of different versions of them.  Tha Bandit, the Smarty, the Cassanova, etc.  Variety. 

Thank you, My Boy, for 7  years of reminding me to stop and laugh at yourself sometimes.

All he has ever wanted to do is go for real hunting like his Daddy and Grandpa.  They have taken him to the deer stand a few times in the middle of the day (with his blaze orange on, of course) but never really hunting.  This year, he actually went to "camp" with Daddy and took the gun out hunting.  He has never been so excited and proud of himself in his life!  He didn't get anything, but the experience and memories were worth it all.

Thank you, My Boy, for 7 years of cherished memories.  Even if they don't always go the way I THINK they should they are still cherished.

 This kid adores me.  He is all the time telling me that I am the most beautiful girl or the hottest girl (thanks to My Man for that one) or the nicest or the sweetest or that he loves me at the most random times.  He tells me out of all of his girlfriends, I'm the best.  And I eat it up!  I had always heard that boys love their mommas fiercely.  It's the truth!

Thank you, My Boy, for 7 years of making me feel like the best thing since sliced bread.  At least until I have to let you go a wife. 

Sometimes when the days get long and have worn him out, he will still climb in my lap and fall asleep.  Yes, he is almost as tall as me and yes we have the same size foot at this point. Yes you are finally almost 60 lbs and yes you are outgrowing all of your clothes (that I just bought you).  But when you snuggle in with me and fall asleep I remember when you fell asleep on me for the first time.

Thank you, My Boy, for 7 years of cuddly snuggles and love and reminding me that you will always be my baby.

His prayers absolutely kill me.  Sometimes he asks God to help him always praise Him in everything he does.  Sometimes he says he is sorry for being bad and that he doesn't want to be bad and needs His help.  Sometimes he prays for other people's situations that I didn't even know that he knew about.  Sometimes he prays for me or Daddy or Sister specifically. 

Thank you, Baby Boy, for 7 years of remembering that God loves and cares and protects my family.

7 years.  How in the world has it been 7 years?  There is nothing I would change about you, My Boy.  Well...cept the tantrums lol!  But you are you and I love it.  Every minute of these last 7 years with you are mine.  Mine to remember.  Mine to cherish.  Mine to love.  I'm excited to see what this next year holds as you become more and more the little man that God wants you to be.  I love you my son.  With everything that I am...

I love you.

Just please don't remind me that 7 years is over halfway to teenagerville.  The end. 

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