Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas/Snow-a-Palooza 2012

What a crazy, whirlwind this Christmas season has been for us!  So crazy, in fact, that I am just now getting to where I can document it here for their blog books. Sad, I know.

Christmas started for us when My Man's parents were here way earlier than normal.  We got my parents in and had Christmastime with them.

The whole family (Minus Grandma Judy).  We try to get one of these every year and I'm so thankful we do it!

The kids bought lots of presents at the Holiday store at their school this year.  Here My Girl is very carefully opening what My very proud Boy bought for her.  It was some nail stickers.  Good call, Boy!

 Oh...the tree with all of the presents :-)

 Can't forget our Rocky, Sissy and Bigg's presents.  They LOVE getting to rip open paper!

 MiMi and Papa Joe opened their notepads from the kids holiday store.  From the family though, Papa Joe got his masonic belt and MiMi got her Wii control chargers.

 Grammie and Grandpa got their kiddo gifts of a note pad and a mug.  From the family Grandpa got his iPhone dock and Grammie got a griddle she had been wanting.  Go us!

Then it was time to let the kids open their gifts from the grandparents.  They all went in together this year to get the kids something they have been wanting for a long time, but we were THOSE parents who held out as long as we could.  But Grandpa let them open these cases first.  I told them they could use them to hold stuff that they keep dragging into the car with them all the time.  

 But then...she opened hers first...
 And then he got his finally opened.  Their faces were PRICELESS!  They have wanted a Nintendo DS forever!  And this year, they finally got them.  My Boy got a blue one and My Girl got a red one.  Two VERY happy kiddos!

Christmas eve we went to oneChurch's candlelight service and out to dinner with some friends.  Andrea joined us since she didn't have Camryn till Christmas night.  So, she went ahead and stayed the night.  And here we all are bright eyed and bushy tailed Christmas morning!

The kids wanted to hand out all of their gifts to us first.  It was very sweet!

Awe!  Bigger Biggerson had on his Christmas lights scarf!

The kids got My Man a new watch that he had wanted and a new lunchbox.  They did GOOD!  His was falling apart.  They did good in their shopping for me too!  I got a bottle of Juicy Couture perfume and a new purse.  Those kiddos know the way to my heart for sure!

Then they finally got to start opening their presents.  My Boy finally got that Dreamlight he begged for every time we walked into a store.  He has used it once people.  ONCE!  He also got a remote helicopter that he was really wanting.  She got a personalized jewelry box that she saw at the Christian book store and fell in love with.  Then they got lots of littler stuff that they absolutely loved!

(Side note, Kids...this is why we never let you make a Christmas list.  You are NEVER disappointed!)

This was the smartest purchase I have ever made.  A few Christmases ago, the kiddos bought me a fleecey blanket.  And yet I hardly ever get to use it.  They were always bogarting my blanket.  So, we bought each of them one.  They we so pumped!!!

Here was our illustrious "Santa" delivering presents.  LOL!  He danced his way.  I guess what ever gets them handed out, huh?  I'm sure the kids will get a kick out of this picture one day.  But after they got all of their gifts unwrapped and were so excitedly playing with all of their things I said to My Man, "Wait!  Aren't we missing one?"  So we went on a "hunt" for their last presents.

You see...My Man and I upgraded to the iPhone 5 just a few weeks before Christmas.  So, we took our old iPhone 4's and turned them into iPods for each of the kids complete with Otterboxes and LifeProofs.

You would have thought I just told them that they won a million dollars.

So I guess, for the most part, this was the year of the electronics.

Until...we were forecast with a BLIZZARD WARNING for Christmas day.  WHAT?  This is Arkansas.  There is no way!

this is what we woke up to!  Once we got down in the open area...there were 12 inches of snow on the ground.  TWELVE!  We had a White Christmas!!!!!

Uh...Biggs did NOT like it.  It was all so much deeper than he was.  LOL!

Look how pretty!

But what is the best part about living on a ridge?  SLEDDING!  That's what!  And the powdery kind of snow made it better than ever!!!!


Someone wound up with a mouthful!  LOL

Go girl!

There is my sweet sledding Superman!

At some point, adventurous Man apparently decided this slope was a little on the kiddieville side...

And convinced the kids to climb to the top of the driveway and start sledding.  I have NEVER laughed so hard than when they kept veering off into the ditch.  Priceless!

Hello gorgeous!

It truly was an absolutely beautiful Christmas.  I don't ever remember a White Christmas like this one.  It was definitely a year to remember!!!

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