Thursday, February 21, 2013

If I Were the King of the Forrrrreeeest...

One of the biggest fears my girl faces from time to her own defeatest attitude.  She is aca-MAZING!  But she never fully realizes that. 

But she did know ONE thing she wanted to do was at least try out for "The Wizard of Oz" production that her Academy was holding auditions for.  She had to come prepared with 16 bars of the song of her choice.  She was excited and scared but just "knew they weren't going to pick her". 

So...last Friday evening she headed in for her audition.  She sang 16 bars from the Hairspray the Musical..."Good Morning Baltimore" to be exact.  After she sang they asked her to read a part.

Then.  We waited. 

Do you remember what I said a few lines back...about something she lacks?  Some people call it courage.

This guy sure does...

And this girl sure will...

BECAUSE SHE GOT THE PART OF THE COWARDLY LION!!!!!!! We all snuck in her room Tuesday morning to tell her as her "wake up call".  I'm telling you I have never seen her so excited!!!!!!

You go girl!  You will be the King of the Forrest!!!

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