Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Poem by My Girl

Anyone who knows My Girl knows that she is many things:


And rarely complimentary of herself.

So imagine my surprise when I went to parent/teacher conferences the other day and all along the wall were poems from her class.  Poems about themselves.  I asked Mrs. Bagwell how this poem came about and she said that they were given leading questions.  Here were My Girl's answers in poem form...

Creative, awesome, smart
Who wishes to be a pro-skate boarder,
meet Taylor Swift, and be a famous singer
Who dreams of vampires, zombies,
werewolves and fire.
Who wants to graduate, have a good
career, and go to Heaven.
Who wonders how Santa gets down the
chimney, how stars stay in the sky, and
how pizza tastes so good.
Who fears the devil
and her brother in boxers.
Who likes buffalo wings and her family
Who believes in true love
Who plans to raise a good family.
This is me!!!

Now you know My Girl.

However...a few things I would like to note:

1.  Why is my 10 yo dreaming of vampires, zombies, werewolves and fire?  She has no reason to dream this!

2.  I know she's going to heaven, but could she just not throw it out there as though she is leaving after high school?!?!?!?

3.  Why the crap does she wonder bout Santa?  She knows he isn't real!  Maybe she is still playing coy for those around her that might.  In that case...Go girl!

4.  Her 2 fears?  The devil (smart) and My Boy in boxers (excellent)!!!!

5.  Believes in true love.  This made me tear up a little.  Aunt Becky always says that My Man and I are who convinced her that there is true love out there.  It dawned on me...My Man and I really ARE the example to My for her to believe in True Love...excuse me...I'm getting verklempt....

6.  WHO LOVES HERSELF!!!  Now I'm in full on bawl mode!!!!  It kind of reminds me of the line in "pretty woman"...the bad stuff is easier to believe.  It's true.  I hear her "bad stuff" that she hears and feels the weight of the world pressuring on her all the time.  I try to pour the good and Truth in to eliminate all the crap but I never know if it's working.  This tells me...deep is.  She loves herself!  That's all.  Go God!  And momma...

I love you, Bella-Boo-Bear...

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