Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Weekend to Remember

What an amazing weekend it was too! 

I had been planning this for months.  I bought the tickets back in April.  But I didn't tell him.  Told lots of other people, but not him.  Not My Man.  Hee hee...

See...we led worship together for years.  He is Worship Leader again at our current church.  I remembered that one of the best times we had together was when we went to see Chris Tomlin, Louis Giglio and Matt Redman in concert...just the two of us.  We got to worship together and not worry about kids or responsibilities or if the sound board was working correctly.  We just sat back and enjoyed!

So when I heard that the Hillsong United Welcome Zion tour was coming to Oklahoma City...realizing how close it was to our FIFTEENTH anniversary...I booked it just that fast!

So his parents came in to keep the kids and we took off Saturday morning.  The funny thing was...I made him drive.  I programmed the address into the car and it told him turn by turn where to go.  It was kind of fun knowing it all him knowing nothing.  He said he liked it too.  He didn't try to snoop and find out, he just sat back and enjoyed this little adventure I had planned for us. 

HAHAHAHA!  I LOVE this picture.  He has no clue!

The 'car' took us right to our hotel.  I went and checked in and even told the ladies behind the desk what I had done.  They loved it!  So much so that when we walked in with our stuff the ladies told him "I know where you are going!" 

After getting settled in and getting dressed up, we headed to Bricktown.  I never knew OKC was so cool!  I would like to go back when I can spend some major time in Bricktown. we are at The Spaghetti Warehouse! 

We used to have one in Little Rock that I used to eat at all the time when I was a kid.  And let me just STILL does not disappoint!  It was just as good as I remember!

The arena we were headed to was just a couple blocks walk.  As we were standing outside I kept telling My Man to keep his eyes forward and not on people tickets that were in their hands.  We got inside and sat down.  And that's when he saw the signs.  He now knew what we were here for.  And he was just as excited as I was!

My Man and I spent the next 3 hours worshipping with over 15,000 other people!  It was one of the most amazing nights of our marriage.  There was absolutely nothing like this and I'm sooooooooo glad I planned this all those months ago. 

And I'm telling you...if this is what it felt like to worship God with 15,000 people...I can only IMAGINE what heaven will be like!

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