Tuesday, July 23, 2013

T'was the Night Before Mozambique

It's 27 hours away.  I am packed.  I am emotionally ready.  I am spiritually ready.  I am ready.

Even though I don't think I know exactly what it is that I am ready for, I know...beyond any doubts...that I am supposed to be on this trip.

I want to have this story recorded for my children:

Two years ago the Lord began to prick my heart about foreign missions. We had just started going to oneChurch in Conway and they had a mission team just returning from a trip to Brazil speak about their trip.  I literally sat their stunned as I leaned over and told My Man that wherever, whenever...I'm going next. 

Now, trust me … I have had lots of questions like “Well…isn’t there work you can do here?” Absolutely! And I have been. My family I have partnered with a local church in Conway and do mission work not a few blocks from where they are. I have had the humbling honor of helping to plant a church in Vilonia and see that community reached by meeting those folks, most who might never set foot in a church building, right where they are. And I by no means am saying that to “toot” my own horn but rather to say that I am fully aware that my mission field is right where I am! But still … that constant stirring was always there. The “and He said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” It wouldn’t let up. For two solid years.

In February, I was able to help Pizta42 in Conway actually make Manna Packs of protein fortified meals to be sent to feed the starving children (via the organization Children’s Cup and Feed My Starving Children). Through that process an opportunity was put before me … to travel with Children’s Cup to South Africa and be the hands and feet of Christ there. I immediately said, “Yes, Lord! Here am I, send me!” But then, as the financial piece of it was laid before me, I began to pray one thing … “Lord, please either supernaturally provide the funds or remove the burden from my heart.” That very evening, not 3 hours after praying that agonizing prayer, one of the very few people who knew about my desire knocked on my door with a check for $750. Ok Lord. I get it. You are bigger than money and when YOU put the mission in my heart, who am I to try and let circumstances change that?

I am leaving TOMORROW for Mozambique, South Africa. There I will have the opportunity to love on a forgotten people, meet them where they are and ultimately share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Granted, everywhere we go will have the potential to be with armed guards, but for some reason I am not afraid. At all. I just want to be used and come back a forever changed woman for God.

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