Monday, October 27, 2008

Who Needs Rest?

I guess not my family.

It started Thursday. David and I went on our bi-weekly date so Alison took the kiddos to the Jump Zone. Now...why in the world any of us ever thought that Luke MIGHT get on one of the jump things...I'll never know. He's a big chicken with anything that has parachute material.

Anyway, here are a few photos of their night out.

This was totally staged!

Belle loves it all thought.

More like my son.

Friday Alison and I took off work to go on Belle's 1st field trip with her class to the Pumpkins and More in Quitman.

And let me tell you...this pumpkin patch was definatly MORE. There were lots and lots of things to do besides sit in some pumpkins and take photos. It was a very educational field trip ( I would expect none less from a school ).

Belle's 1st Bus Ride

You see...she has wanted to ride on a school bus for YEARS, people. Loft aspirations...I know.

Belle's best friend at school, Anna Grace

I don't remember this "indian" lady's name, but she was one neat lady. She educated these kids on how indians lived off the land

Belle doing her "promise stick" that she made them "spit" on and promise never to go in the woods by themselves.

Off to visit the Teepees

My little indian girl

Belle and some of her friends on the hayride

Belle's teacher, Mrs. Jennifer, and some of her kids on the hayride

2 of the most stunning chaperones. And I must say...we were one of the few Parents there who helped the teachers with all the kids b'c my kid didn't feel the need to cling to us.

NOT your typical hayride!

Me and Belle settling in for lunch

After lunch we headed into the woods for a walk thru "The Enchanted Forrest". Yeah...

Belle's best friends

Then we headed to the old school house circa 1908

And a teacher told the kids how it was then.

After a quick stop at Granny and Grandpas house where we learned about "shotgun houses" and what corn cobs were used for, they let everyone "pick" a pumpkin. It was pumpkin vines spread out with pumpkins already picked and placed throughout the vines for the kids to go pick on out.

Finding just the right one...

Claiming her prize

We ended the trip with a riveting water duck race complete with pump handles and everything.

All in all...a fun day. If you are looking for a pumpkin patch with MORE, I highly recommend it. There were buses from Pulaski County and even Star City in Quitman. It was worth it!

Then, we loaded up and went to the tailgate party for the Wampus Cats homecoming at Ida Burns. There we had hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, more jumpy things and lots of "carnival" type games. And Luke FINALLY got an opportunity to play on the playground he sees every day when we pick up Belle.

But did he? No.

You see...both of my children were napless that day.

Forgot my camera too, so you have been spared those lovely photos.

Saturday was a date with the girls to Murrays Dinner Playhouse (wonderful as always) and then all day church yesterday.


It eludes me.


Alison said...

JumpZone - Belle had a blast...along with Uncle John. She even coaxed me into going on the inflatable slides!

Field Trip - So much fun!

Taligate Party - I think we all needed naps!

Murrays - LOVED IT! Nothing like a night out with the girls!

Ok...I need a nap NOW just thinking of all we did this weekend!

Andrea said...

That TOTALLY beats our pumpkin patch experience where we saw about 22.1 pumpkins and took a hayride around a circle and saw some decorations hung in the trees! Looks like a fun, full weekend!

The Masseys said...

That sounds like such a great weekend!!!