Thursday, March 5, 2009

Billie's Needs

There's been this thing going on over on Facebook. Basically, you launch Google and type in your name and needs and then click search.

So, I typed in 'Billie Needs' and here's what I got...

1. Billie pay a little more attention to Chelsea and less to Bo on Days of Our Lives (i would if i watched it)

2. Billie needs...your help! (just call and let me know what you can do and I'll see where you fit in)

3. Billie needs...a loving family ( I already have one, but I guess another wouldn't hurt)

4. Billie needs...glasses (probably no arguing there, but me and anything with eyes just don't get a long)

5. Billie needs...a friend (will you be my friend...apparently I'm lacking)

6. Billie needs...him (the only 'person' i know that goes by just 'him' is Jesus and yes, I always need Him)

7. Billie parents (well, i'm sure joe and joanie would take terrible offense to this, but we might all could cash in on this deal if we play our cards right. you in, mom?)

8. Billie needs...a hug by GreenDay (actually, i'll pass...i mean, really...they are creepy with their crazy eyes and all when they sing)

9. Billie needs...a loving home (apparently Google believes Billie is terribly lacking in the personal areas...way to tap in Google)

10. Billie needs...a holiday (Google finally scored! Now, are they gonna pay for it, too?)

Google has waaaaay too much time on it's hands...or is that me?

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