Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Luke'isms

Yes, he was at it again!

Act 1:Scene 1--

I was changing his clothes and when I pulled down his pants, his Batman Underoos came down about an inch too and showed his little line. He says, "Ooops! I look like Belle!"

Those of you who know Belle, are rolling about now.

Act 1:Scene 2--

I was at Grace UMC trying to fill out some paper work on Saturday. There were 2 ladies there helping me. One of them was Belle's teacher there, Miss Tiffany. She offered the kids both a cookie and, in true form, Luke gobbled his down. Then he says, "Miss Tiffany. I like cookies." So, she gave him another one and thought he was oh, so cute.

In the car he tells me about his other cookies and I inform him that I saw his trickery he used to get that cookie.

He said, "Yes. I just talked to the ladies."

I'm in trouble...


AliciaG said...

Oh yeah, you are definitely in trouble! lol

Andrea said...

HAHAH...SOOO much trouble!

Roxanne Engle Cobb said...

This is hilarious!! Kids say and do the darnest things. He's growing up so fast!