Friday, April 3, 2009

Go Ye Therefore...

I've been praying for a while that Belle will have boldness.

I mean...she already has it in all sorts of areas of her life...backtalking, stubbornness, parenting her know...all the things I wished she WOULDN'T have boldness in?

I mean boldness to spread the Good News.

She knows kids at her school who don't know God. And she talks about them a lot, and she talks about God a lot.

But never directly to them.

Until Wednesday.

She told me that her little friend (very shy, by the way) Sarah asked her what her shirt said.

Sarah didn't know what she was asking. Here was Belle's response:

"Well, it says 'Pick Jesus'. You see, this is the big G God. He's the One who saves you from your sins. Did you know that people worship sticks and trees and water and even concrete? Yeah, those are the little G gods. Which is actually Satan. So tell me...who would you rather choose...the little G gods who can do nothing for you or the BIG G GOD who created you?"

Sarah: "Well, I would rather the big G God."

Belle: "Good, we'll talk more later."

I guess I need to start praying for boldness for myself!

All Glory and Honor to You, Lord! Thank you for this precious child who you entrusted to me to raise under Your Authority! Continue to draw her and let her know how much I love her, but more importantly, how much YOU love her!


Alison said...

That is AWESOME! What an inspiration to all of us.

Andrea said...

That brings tears to my eyes.

AliciaG said...

Well, she really brings us all up short doesn't she. It should always come out of our mouths that naturally!
Way to go, Belle! I am proud of you and I know God (the big G God)is rejoicing at the 'boldness' of this little child of His! And all the little g gods are shrinking back in fear!

Dusty said...

That is great!!! I love it. She just didn't stop at, it says Pick Jesus, she just kept on talking. She recognized the opening and jumped. Good for her!!!