Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yee Haw!

We don't always attend every birthday party invitation that we receive from school. I mean, I'm not a millionaire.

But this one was special. Belle has a very special place in her heart for Caleb. It's a long story that isn't mine to tell, but she loves this little boy.

And not because she 'likes' him in that way.

Anywho, his birthday party was a cowboy party and let me just say...the kids have been STOKED. ALL. WEEK!

Here they are ready to round'em up and head'em out!

They had a "Digging for Gold" spot too that the kiddos loved.

Belle's BFF, AnnaGrace.

This picture cracks me up! He kept wanting to touch it.

There were tons of horses in the stable that the kids could touch and feed. Luke was facinated!

Then there was some "Shoot Out at the OK Corral".

Both of my kiddos heading out on their horses.

And heading back in...I love that they had on helmets.

The Back Achers stable. Here, the 2 horses that the kiddos were riding...they were getting fed their birthday cake.

Time for Caleb to open his presents! He's the one in the plaid in the middle.

Check out his cute Barn cake.

More digging for Momma a new PAIR of SHOES! Just kidding. It was fools gold. I tried.

One last ride and together this time.

In the words of my son's favorite new song:

"I wanna be a cowboy, and ride on my horse all day. And if I was a cowboy, I'd raise my hat and say...YEE HAW...get a long little doggies! YEE HAW! Yippie, yayio, cia!"

I smell a 4-year birthday party coming...

Latah Pahtuahs!


Alison said...

What cute little cowboy and cowgirl! My heart kinda stopped on the first pic of them on the horses...didn't realize there were people leading them!
Looks like a GREAT place for a birthday party.

Andrea said...

My favorite part?!?!?!....Luke's green rubber boots with a face. LOLOLOL!!!! LOVE IT!