Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who's That Girl Junior Edition

I'm afraid I have rubbed off on my child.

We were at the hair salon getting my hair cut and colored Saturday when my daughter gets in the chair to get her hair cut whilst mine forever changes it's DNA as I transform from dingy red to hellohowyadoinnicetomeetyou RED.

I like to overcompensate

Terri asks, "So, what are we doing Ms Belle. Just nipping the ends."

Belle: "I wanna go wild like my Momma."

Um...hell-o. Momma is standing here PRAYING you don't mean that literally.

Oh, Heavenly Father, PLEASE spare her from an adolescence like I chose.

Wait...we're in the salon chair...talking about hair.


Let's compromise here.

Let's give Baby Girl her first hair style.

Wasn't EXACTLY what I was going for, but everyone seems to love it none-the-less.

So here she is...my very grown up 6 Year Old...

Baby Girl...

Starring in her very own blogisode of "Who's That Girl--Junior Edition".

Excuse me while take out lucrative stock in Kleenex.


The Burns Family said...

Saweeeeeeet!! I love it!

Kelly said...

It's just darling. Perfect for a 6 year old, not too crazy, but a style nonetheless

Andrea said...

Love it!!!! Super cute!

AliciaG said...

Very Cute! It's grown up but not too grown up! LOL

The Proctors said...

Her hair looks so cute! It has great body! I love it!

Alison said...