Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Here...She's There

(On her 2nd birthday)

Yes, I feel like the most horrible mom in the world. I am on a business trip (the only one usually that I take every year that doesn't involve my family) on my daughter's 7th birthday.

I can't tell you how great this kiddo is. She is one of the most mature 7-year-olds I know and yet still the funnest kid when she wants to be. She knows who she is and is learning her security in that. Do you know how I wished I would have had half of what she has now at her age? She is so sensitive to everything and everyone around her and yet still steps up and wows you with her words when you need them the most.

If you haven't met sure are missing out!

I have posted a few things about her birthdays is her 6th and here is her 5th

Shouldn't have read that. Crying again!

(Sidenote: sure and read her those letters in the other 2 posts today.)

My Darling Baby Girl:

Seven? Who said you could turn seven? Did you ask our permission? I want a recount!

Seriously, I couldn't be happier than getting to share seven whole years with you! You rock your Daddy and my worlds every single day! You and your funny-teethed self! Do you know how much you make us laugh? Half of my blog is something about something funny you have done. And what's even funnier? Is every time you do something funny, you say, " HAVE to put that on your blog!"

You're 7. You shouldn't even know what a blog is!

But alas...I get the privilege...the honor to sit here and watch as God unfolds this wonderfully destined little lady of beauty and grace that you are becoming. You are so sweet and so compassionate and have such a heart for people.

Even your brother...and even after he's been mean to you.

You are such an example to your friends and your brother. To me and your Daddy. You allow God to play out the Word thru your life. I can't tell you how many times I've thought of the Scripture that says to "honor one another above yourselves" and "the first shall be last and the last shall be first". You are the living and breathing evidence of those words.

I'm so very proud of you too. To have your teacher say some of the things she has said about you is amazing! And even though we all have to room to make mistakes, you always pick yourself back up and head straight for the goal again! You go girl!

But most importantly, you are my friend. My confidant. My encourager. My hugger. My shoulder to cry on. My singer. My dancer. My laughter. My I Love You. My source of my deepest tears. My source of my biggest smiles.

My heart.

So even though I am miles away, you are still right here with me.

I love you, my Sunshine!

PS--This is for you! (Even though it's kinda dark)

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