Thursday, October 1, 2009

Parties, PJs and Pancakes Galore!

This past Friday evening we celebrated Baby Girl's 7th Birthday.

She had been asking for 2 years now for a sleep over. Since she had just started school last year, I asked her to wait.

She has been reminding me about it ever since that day.

So this year, I caved. We had a party for everyone at the church. Pajama Party was our theme of the evening. Everyone was encouraged to wear their favorite pajamas. So, one of my BFFs and I took it to the next level.

Here is the bed-side table that Baby Girl decorated herself! All of our table cloths were sheets and we used pillow cases as the chair coverings.

We served breakfast! There was sausage gravy, chocolate gravy, homemade biscuits, homemade jellies/jams, watermelon, sausage patties, donuts, breakfast casserole, coffee and juice. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the whole table with the moons and stars above it! Oh get the picture.

You can see here Baby Boy thoroughly enjoyed himself some sugar!

We had a sleeping bag race where the kids had to run down and unzip their sleeping bag, climb in, zip up and snore as many times as their age was. The funniest part was hearing their snores. From there we let the girls make matching flip flops and headbands by tying different fabrics on them in knots.

Here we see the kiddos having to get their hula hoop all the way around the circle without breaking hands. They even did the team building knot after this.

Then, we got to do one of my favorite things. SHRINKY DINKS!!! My kids have done them before on a family night but the rest of the kids had no idea! It was so awesome to see their faces when their door hanger was done. I printed off their first initial (LARGE) and let them trace and color it how ever they wanted to. I cut it out and punch a large hole in the top. After it shrunk and hardened we tied a string in it so that they could hang it on their doors. FUN-FUN!

Then, it was time for gifts. This is just one of my favorite pics of her face.

Her grandparents got her this. Isn't her face hilarious?!?! Only those who were there know what she said which shall not be repeated on my blog. Thank you :-)

Then we went on a hunt for our goodie bags. They had a camera with pictures on there that revealed their next rooms. Once we got to a room, they had to sing their favorite bedtime song. CA-UTE!

Here was where they found their loot! The goodie bags were pillow cases my M-I-L made and we stuffed them with mini popcorn bags, glow sticks and tooth brushes along with some pixy sticks!

We almost forgot this part, but here was her cake.

After the party 3 of her friends came home for her very first slumber party! The men-folk quickly disappeared. All the men-folk, that is, except for one. Check out his face when I told him he had to sleep in his own bed.

They did SO GOOD! Four 6-7 year olds and there were zero tears, zero meltdowns and zero fights. I turned off the lights at midnight and by 12:05 they were all snoring.

This was their favorite part of the next morning. The deflating of the blow-up mattress.

After the other girls left we kept her best friend, C, a little while longer. Here was how they looked when we headed out to the hair salon.

Overall, another fun party! I still can't believe my Baby Girl is now 7 years old. AND having slumber parties!

Sheesh. What happens next?

Baby Boy turns 4 in a few months.

Excuse me while I bury myself in a hole and never come out until they decide to stop growing.

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